Tuesday, January 08, 2008

NYE 2007

8 days old. Seriously getting lazy.

I had a little, really little pot luck at my place since going out to public areas will be so annoying with the crowd and traffic and whatnot, and there weren't anywhere else to go, so I had the gang over. From a list of around 15 close friends, only 6 made it. =(

Had too much food around. Mae brought sandwiches, KH the snacks and drinks, Callie her yummy brownies, Lynn tahpaued satay, me and my yucks cold pashed potatoes and my sis cooked pasta and baked muffins. Add a large pizza and BURP.

What we did most of the time, other than talk and eat.

Nyahahahhahaha. Bow to the Jenga Queen!

Didn't drink much, just a bottle or so of wine since there were only 3/4 of us at home who drinks, plus mummy or daddy coming home at any moment. Girls lets go up to Genting again! Or Langkawi!


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