Friday, January 04, 2008

The return of Gracie and Hawaii.

Nothing very interesting happened on both occasions, but it felt so good to see my darlings again even though it's been only half a year.

Reunion with Grace at Delicious.

I like this pic. =D *vain*

You should have seen Wai^2 going around videoing the stage!

That "guard" so FAIL la weh..

All of us.

Meet up with Wai Yee at Marche.

Yee, you did loose alot of weight tau!! Makan baik-baik ya!

I always forget to adjust the flash...

Hahahahahahhahah the pubic hair donut.

As we were eating and camwhoring with our donuts, Mae spotted someone...

Boss Stewie aka Timothy Tiah, the founder of NuffNang!

He was killing time with a couple of his friends as his car got fixed.

A few things I found out about boss:
1) He really <3 Nuffnang. You can't see it through the picture but he's wearing a Nuffie shirt.
2) He's quite...bouncy.
3) He has a Haagen Daz member card.
4) He's super friendly.
5) Nuffnang's gonna have something big on in March! Yay! (MY bday month somore. =P)


At 04 January, 2008 23:55 , Blogger Boss Stewie said...

awww.. it was a pleasure meeting you !!


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