Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm such an idiot...

...that I tried used my atm card in place of my TouchNGo card.

Couldn't stop laughing after realising my mistake. Hehehehehe.

Been really really busy the past two weeks, which explains my dead blog. With many of my friends leaving one by one, my dad's birthday, Chinese New Year and all of its 15 days, assignments, research, guinea pig-ing and my PSY111 midterms this Saturday, and a lecturer who pisses us all of, I'm left with very little time to myself. ( Bathroom time doesn't count).

With that, I'll leave you all with some photos to look at as you send your good-luck-fei vibes.

P/S: I don't think any Jan '08 student knows of my blog yet, but no harm trying right?
Vote for me, Ee Fei, as your Jan '08 Representative! I've big ears to hear you better, and a whole 'lot bigger mouth to speak on your behalf!

Hehehe. I think I'll use that as my tag line. But I should make it a little shorter hor?

Nyahahhahahaha. The queen of randoming strikes again!

Rat year. Rat man, denenenenene Ratman!

Killing Jue's teddy.

Jue, the hostest, was busy gambling, so we camwhored without her. Btw, that's Don on the left, and Char on the right.

The invention of the timer on cameras is on of the greatest inventions of them all...

...You don't have to miss out on camwhoring with it.


Nice hor? Yum yum too!

Obligatory food picture. All cooked my Mr, yes MR Cheah btw. Yumyum-ness!

I can't NOT put this up. Hehehe. Zen look at your girlfriend la!
Ok, I'm not sure whether I spelt his name right, and yes, I do know I wrote a double negative. Don't lecture me on my English please. I speak and write better English than most others out there. *boast boast* Having many friends with better English doesn't help boost my ego though. =P


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