Friday, February 29, 2008

Princess and the Pea...

Parody. Or a sad attempt la.

A non-royalty female and the packet of Chipster.

Once apon a time, a little girl had a stepmother so evil, she was given only the hardest pillow in the world to sleep on.

But, she could still get very well rested every night, so her stepmother made her use two freakishly hard pillows.

She could still sleep! (that pig).

Even with three, she could catch so many Zs. Suddenly, Mrs. Stepmom came out with another plan.

No pillows! And it worked! All becouse...

There wasn't any pillows for the non-royalty female aka little girl to hide her Chipster!

Once stepmom found out, she got curious how the Chipster could help her stepdaughter sleep so well, so she tried a chip and *thud* she fell into deep sleep, forever. (Or 8 hours, choose your own ending.)

And so, on that night, happy dreams of chips and dips reigned.

The end.

Ok you can kill me now for all the lame-ness. Today's the last day for the Nuffnang Pajama Party contest, and I just have to try and get tickets.

Disclaimer: Every inch of the story is made up. No, I don't have an evil step mother, I do have fluffy pillows and I can't possibly hide a packet of Chipster behind my pillows and not crush every single chip. The part on Chipster helping me sleep better might be true though. I DID sleep better after eating the whole pack. ( Bought it already, will be a waste not to eat it right? Hehe.)


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