Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Concerning " Political Fly Explained"

I got to know that certain parties felt I was, quote, insensitive, unquote and also sarcastic in that post. Well, I'm sorry if anyone felt that way after reading that post, even though I did not meant for that to occur. I did not feel that what I wrote was in anyway insensitive or sarcastic, but then again, that's just from my point of view, and everyone knows how different we humans are.

Apologies also go out to my darling readers. From now onwards, be prepared to read stuff which are more censored, for I hate having to edit out my posts once they've been published, for I feel that the edited versions are no longer what I felt or thought, and even though I myself edited it for whatever reason, I somehow feel ... violated.

Sometimes I feel like not caring about social obligations or consequences of my words, and just blog, speak, sing, even shout my views from the top of the highest building or in front of a listening crowd. However, the world is unforgiving, and as a friend's sister's cousin's husband's brother's girlfriend's friend's lecturer once said, there's freedom of speech, but no freedom of after speech.

I am still far to young and powerless to be able to handle the "after speech" part, so my version of freedom of speech has to be constricted somewhat but once I am able, no matter how old I am then (150 years old then, and they'll all think I'm just an old woman blabbering) you can bet your last breath that I will.

If only I can get an audience then.


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