Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pray for him...

Andrew Yap's in the hospital. Yes, Andrew Yap from SMKDJ, grad year 2005.

He had an accident while working out and he fell, hitting his head on the floor. His brain shifted a little, but his condition was stable after the operation, though he was still unconscious.

However, the lastest turn of events sees Andrew's conditioning worsening, and he's been admitted into the ICU at the Damansara Specialist Hospital.

His brain cells are slowly dying.

Everyone, no matter where you are, please, pray for him. He's still at a young age of 20, and has such a long life ahead of him, if only he can pull through this obstacle. There may not be much we can do for him, or to ease his family's worries, but we can pray for him.

edit: No, this is not another April Fool's joke. This is very much real. I'm not so sick as to put these kind of things as a joke.


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