Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pyjama Party

Heee, sorry for the broken promise.. =P.

Tysern, Kevin, Chong Xian and myself went for the Nuffnang Pajama Party at Borneo Baruk Club on Saturday. After a few hiccups and a couple of wrong turns, we reached there at about 7pm. It was raining so heavily, the air condition was cool, and we were in out PJs, so Kevin decided to...

take a nap. Lol. It was the Chipster induced slumber.
The event started a little late, but all the better, more time for us to mingle.
I believe that there are loads of bloggers out there who've already written about the night, so I'll leave you with pics. To read about the night, visit Nuffnang's blog.

Kevin and Ringo. Both also not bad eh? lol.


Birthday cake! A closeup of the cake is in my previous post, and if you took a close look you can see all the details they put in. Details meaning Boss's mole lah. =P

Tim and Ming's gifts from their staff. Yes, underwear. With " My stuff are blogging" printed.

The guy won the bid for a kiss from Dawn Yang.

Met a highschool senior, Devan.

Samantha and her horde of Nuffnang Dollars... which she gave away. Thanks Sam!

KennySia was there...

And so was Dawn Yang... (duh)

KySpeaks ... that's the camera he won he's holding btw.

Smashpop oso there, but no jump shots this time. kekekek.

Only saw Suanie right before we left...

Wingz recognised me!

xes didn't, but he had the biggest reaction of all when I introduced myself. =D

The following photos were taken by the fab, KidChan.

Blind yet? Please, wipe that drool off your face.




Bloggers meet = tons of cameras, big and small.

Hehehehe I cannot resist...

KennySia came without his pajamas, so he was made to strip to his boxers. The slipper thing's to censor abit la. Shy ma.

W00t! I feel so syoik, had my pic taken by KidChan..

Lol, and this actually popped up on the Nuffnang blog.

It was a great night, the only 2 complaints I have is that 1, Chipsters ran out! and 2, it ended.
Oh, and even little ol' me won something, for being a Barbie, with Chong Xian as my Ken. (Lol, don't get it? Who told you not to go for the party? Haaaa See la.)

Thanks Ming...

and Tim, for a great night. oh, and remembering my name! Weee!

For more pictures from that night, visit

He was the official photographer for that night fyi.

After leaving, traffic was a little slow, so we at the backseat had our camwhoring session...


And we visited the DJ scouts, as it was their campfire night, in our pajamas. Yes. I went to school in my pajamas. =D

The teachers on Pn. Ong's table. Ask Kevin why Pn Ong's table.

Their tables. So freaky, seeing Kevin and Ty marking books. GenZ can go die edi, lol!

After spending some time in DJ (which changed alot. Tiled walkways, better lepaking areas, nicer curtains, fugly pink buildings) the boys decided to go continue drinking, but me being the good girl went home and pui my che che who was home alone coz of work.

Too bad the sms she sent ('Stay out late if you want. Just sms me to tell me you're alive' or something like that) was sent to the wrong number. Totally wrong number. *sigh*

nvm, there shall be a next time.


At 18 March, 2008 11:55 , Blogger csA* said...

whoa you can recognise so many bloggers!

At 18 March, 2008 12:22 , Blogger Fei said...


not really, I missed alot too. Those I recognised were from blogs that I actually read, or there were some scandal on them before.


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