Sunday, April 06, 2008

He's gone.

Andrew has passed on.

I shouldn't have bothered about the rest and postponed my visit.

I'm sorry Andrew. I'm sorry Auntie, Uncle. I'm sorry everyone.

Edit/ Update: There will be another memorial on Monday, April 7th 2008 at 8.30 pm at Andrew's place (Taman SEA, behind Peter & Jane Kindy, near the tennis courts). His funeral will be on Tuesday, 10am.

Andrew, I don't know whether there's internet connection where you're at now, I hope you'll get this.

I'm sorry.

I've known you for the past 13 years, and in 11 of those we spent a good part of each year in school together. Yet, I never gotten to know you. Everytime someone asks I'll go, yah yah I know, used to be from Taman Megah one ma. Now in DJ together ma, of course I know Andrew la. Yes, I knew you. But yet I didn't KNOW you. When I found out of your passing, I couldn't help but cry. At first it was becouse of a candle blown out, but then I understood that it was all planned. Yet I couldn't stop. I knew I've lost my last chance to say Hi Andrew. I'm not sure whether you remember me, but I'm from Taman Megah also. Seeing how you kept in touch with Li Lynn and all made me regret even more. I shouldn't have procrastinated, I shouldn't have waited for others. I shouldn't have kept the tak apa attitude.

I'm sorry.


At 06 April, 2008 11:43 , Blogger chua.sue said...

i'm sorry to hear about your loss

takziah dan al fatihah

At 06 April, 2008 14:45 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to heard about this.. :(

At 06 April, 2008 15:29 , Blogger - yuhhui - said...

Really devastating news. May he rest in peace..

At 06 April, 2008 22:19 , Blogger whateverlah said...

hey ee fei... im so sorry for ur loss... i have a few frens here in help who knows him as well...

may he rest in peace.

At 07 April, 2008 14:01 , Blogger sherry said...

hey dear. i'm sorry for ur loss. may he rest in peace.

At 10 April, 2008 22:33 , Blogger chin said...

R.I.P andrew =(
eventhough i duno u.


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