Saturday, April 12, 2008

PIKOM PC Fair 2008

The things I do to save money.

Productive, the past two days.

Day one was for scouting prices and buying shoes. Damn could have saved RM15 from the shoes, but oh well. What's done's done.

Day two was for buying a webcam for mummy and my darling printer. Damn the printer's heavy. Imagine little ol' me lugging it all the way through the halls, onto the jam packed LRT, and back home, through the rain. For those of you who've been to my place before, walking back from the station isn't tiring, but walking home, in the rain, carrying a laser printer, a bag, and balancing a collapsible unbrella to shelter both the human and the machine is very, very, VERY tiring.

But RM349 for a Samsung ML-2010 laser printer with the usb cable and a full toner thrown in with the in-box starter toner is just too good a bargain.

Off to the shower now.

edit: It's Sunday, and I just came back from the PC Fair. Again.

The printer's USB cable was missing. =(


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