Monday, May 26, 2008

Pavlov's Dogs.

That was the name of my futsal team.

And so I became Pavlov's bitch. xD

Had a fun time playing yesterday, and even though we didn't score any goals, and I only managed to block 15% of the shots (give face la, first time player leh).

We did win something though. Dr Goh came in the middle of the event and played with us, and he also chose the team with the most creative name. I first thought it was the something-something psychoduckies, but Pavlov's Dogs took home the hamper. Hehehehe. Buka-ing to share with everyone on Tuesday.

Hee. Adrian looked so little boy-ey.

Half-time entertainment.

Hahahhahahahah. Finally ada chance to sampat. Please note that it was taken after our last match, and was tired and sweaty and smelllyyyyy.


Kok Wui and his feet. If you look closely, both his feet had big ass patches of skin coming out. Imagine a dried up blister the size of a tennis ball.

Adrian, Xing, Jon and I went to Mid Valley after that for makan makan, (yes, while wearing our futsal clothes and stinking up the whole place). As we were about to leave, we saw this:

Hmm, don't know why the pic turned up so pixelated. Might be becouse Jon zoomed it to the max. Digital zoom suxxors la. It's not that apparent here, but that chica had a third of her ass hanging out.

Gtg now. Need to massage my poor calf until it stops spasming, then I shall drift off to slumberland...


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