Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sunway Lagoon-ing again


Back ache :(

Sharon, Su Szen.

Had a nice time with new friends at Sunway Lagoon yesterday anyway.
Well worth the pain. Hehehe.

Peter aka Jie Xing, Jon, Alvin.

Proof that I'm getting O-L-D. *cries in the corner*

Chlorine ruined my hair. Two washes, gallons of conditioner, still so plastic-esque.

Hardly sat in any of the rides this time round, but got my money worth with the wetpark. Though I was having my period. Hardly any people = less waiting time.

My hand shakes alot. Can hardly get good shots without flash.

Sigh. Getting so broke. Brunch, arcade time, themepark ticket, locker rental, dinner. Is it any wonder why I'm always so broke?

Self proclaimed cute look.

No Freedom Fest, no SG trip, no BKK, no Langkawi, no Redang. The worst of all, no more good food. :(

Accidental shot.

Going to be busy for the rest of the week too, although classes only start on Monday.

Hangus-ed soup. We left the fire on while waiting for someone to refill our pot. :/

Thank goodness my second semester's a short one. I've classes every day, but for most days it's only one 2 hour class per day. So I'll be wasting so much time commuting.


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