Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy busy weekend

Friday night: Cousin's wedding dinner.
Saturday morning: Interact Training Seminar in DJ.
Saturday night: RAC Klang's charter night.
Sunday morning: Cousin's wedding ceremony.

What little pics I have will not be uploaded. Wait until I get them from others, if I ever do.


Need to save/earn more money.

Need a new formal dress, find my bra, pay for installations, and kai kai money.

Finally almost all my lovables are coming home! I've missed all of you so much!

I'm wondering why am I writing in point form.

More efficient way to convey a message I guess. lolmao.


Anyone up for a business trip to Bangkok at the end of the year?

But is the e-boutique business too saturated already?

Falala lala la la.


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