Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Euphoria by MoS, MY

If you don't know Ministry of Sound, you're seriously lacking dude.

They're having a special preview party of their new club in Sunway Lagoon Resort called Euphoria on the 27th and 28th June 2008 9 pm til late, and guess what? You've a chance to be a part of it!

Register yourself by sending an email with the following to enquiry@euphoria.com.my:
1) Full Name (as shown in NRIC / Passport)
2) Valid NRIC / Passport Number
3) Mobile Telephone Number

You will get Complimentary admission to preview party before 11pm, Door charge RM20 for public. Registration close 25th June

Euphoria opens to the public 2nd July at 9pm.

(Grarh! Stupid finals. :( )

update: Heh. Not feeling so bad d. Some friends said it was quite a letdown. Once again, SG's wins hands down, or so they rate la.


At 09 July, 2008 06:14 , Blogger mode de la shadow said...

let down? as in how? no place to sit n go girls to look at is it?

i rather die than to bear another hip hop bar. yukss

At 09 July, 2008 10:04 , Blogger electronicfly said...

the main room was ok, but the other levels weren't as nice. Music wasn't quite up to par also.

but it might have been coz it was the preview only, so perhaps they have stepped it up a notch by now.


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