Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging

Last night, at Modesto's Hartamas, sponsored and themed by Maxis. (They were so nice! The went around shooting people (with a camera la DUH) and printed out the photos for us on the spot!

As usual, I'll let the pictures do the talking. If you want to find out more, clicky clicky.
(P/S: To all bloggers out there who's photo's here, feel free to curi-curi, but please do leave a msg, so I can link all of you!)

Say freeflow and these two will whack only.

Midget gorrila (Ty) and goldfish-chicken (JB)?

Sammie the rudolf wannabe, Michelle, daughter of Mama Unicorn and Papa Pegasus, Fayth the always dry kangaroo (towel material ma that hoodie. geddit geddit?) and Fei the social butterfly!

Fatcatmouse-not-frog Wingz and myself. (For the best oso la not froggie I guess. Later I kena makan. :P)

Shad the terrorist elephant! No worries though, he only bombs Jumbos. xD

Andrew the Gorilla, and Tysern the... fail gorilla.

Kennysia the alcoholic pooh bear, and Liang, the MC with split personalities. Manly on second,

all cutesy girly the next. :P

Kelly made her whole costume from scratch!

xD !!!! I didn't take a photo of the back, but yes, he drew a horsie's bum bum.
update: after seeing pics from other bloggers, I realise I need to check my eyesight. Was the back of a horse's head la, not bum bum. >.< .Oh btw, I know who's the designer d.

With Sam, whose bunny ears were loooonnngggg.

Tim's lion coat had a tail! But he kept on holding on to the end, cannot play. :(

Robb the porcupine with the butterfly flitting about. (Thanks Mich for the loan of the wings!)

Compulsary camwhore photo with Tim.

Yummm. Nuffies. If I were to ever bengkok, wah you know where to find me la.

Top 3 Best Dressed (Female): Ms Ladybug, Ms Ostrich and Ms Lioness. Ms Lioness won.

Top 3 Best Dressed (Male): Shad, Chocolate the cow, and the only male sexay bunnay.

I still don't know what he went as.

Met Cheez. :D Superbly small world. I know him from, and he knows not only my highschool friends, but also my pre-U friends!

La Familia. Or soon to be? :D

Showing off my camwhoring skills, but got defeated by Fayth. Sigh.

One last photo, not quite related to the event, but more for Michie babe to get her reward.

Mrs Tiah see see! Your daughter's carrying a handbag! (Albeit reluctantly. Mich, share share ah? hehehe)


At 22 June, 2008 12:34 , Blogger curryegg said...

Hello electronicfly (wow.. your names is cool!)
Haha.. been glad to know you in the party.. You're such a sweet girl..
Hope to meet you again whenever there is a chance..


At 22 June, 2008 22:21 , Blogger Ping Ping said...

hey...i met u at the party..i was the hunter if u remember. but no picture..

OMG!!! I met curryegg and I duno about it...rugi

At 23 June, 2008 09:45 , Blogger Johnny Ong said...

trying very hard to post my pics

At 23 June, 2008 10:12 , Blogger Wingz said...

fly-fly : no no not cat ler ... ima mouzz lei geh! :)

At 23 June, 2008 16:44 , Blogger Amilyn said...

eh fei, how come u didn't go as an electronic fly hah? hahaha im sure ppl ask u many many times already!

At 28 July, 2008 20:21 , Blogger jolyn cutiez said...

Miss lioness dropping by.. ^^


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