Saturday, June 07, 2008

A waste of my time.

"The status of your application as Intern to *insert name here* is 'Declined'. *insert name here* has added a new comment for your application:

Dear Ee Fei

Greetings from *insert name here*l!

Thanks for your interest in joining our company. However, we have to say sorry that our company is not considering to recruit Year 1 internship students for the moment. Good luck for your future application.

Good day!"

Grrrrr. They could have saved both parties time and effort by stating that in their terms and conditions, like other companies.

In my PSY110 class yesterday, I found out that I belonged to the Eagles group, the natural leaders and high flyers. One of the things that pisses off people like me would be the utter waste of our time.


On a totally different note, I'm off to Pangkor Island in a few hours for my cousin's wedding ceremony. :)

More angpao next year. XD


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