Thursday, July 31, 2008


Or should it be M-ingIA? *ponders*

Oh well.

Am swamped with work. Internship work, family work, college work, and the list goes on.

So tired.

And it's midnight already. Tmrw sure die.

Toodles everyone. Will try to properly update either from work (teehee) or during the weekend, AFTER pcfair and rest.

Ahhh. Rest.

What a wonderful word.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kids say the darnest things

I'm helping out in another project atm, (yes, blogging from work. :P) and the respondents are all 10 year olds. Damn some are really so cute.

Eg: In the Gender column, they write "Jantina". One even just put a tick there. One simply wrote "4". Heheheh. Damn cute. Bothersome to send to EQ, but nvm la, made me laugh.


Oh, and when they were supposed to write a webbie address out, some gave their email, and one wrote "

Back to work. Boss coming.

Dia hendakkan hasil berganda.

Memang pun, kan boss? Hahahahaha. Such a coincidence.

Monday, July 28, 2008

RAC Subang's 22nd Installation

Wasn't perfect, but still fun. As usual, Malaysians followed GMT+8.30 instead of GMT+8.00, there wasn't a CD player for our background music so we made do with the karaoke machine, Joanne didn't cry when we did her surprise thank you thing, but Amanda did instead, food was served slow, but it wasn't bad, Jon didn't make it in time for the dinner, but came for round 2 and this is a very long paragraph with only two sentences. xD

Standing: Dinesh, Calvin Khoo, Ying.
Sitting: Jamie, Jacq, Kevitpal, Amanda, Kristine, me.

Kevitpal always get bullied.

Harley snickering since he didn't have to wear the bra.

But he had to eat the wasabi!

Almost gotten away without doing anything on the Rotaract Sales list, but IPP Dr. Joy just had to turn, point and wink at me, and whip out a RM50 note. Bad timing too. Had to guzzle the mug of beer+wine as fast as I could so I could run and do some stuff outside. Drank too fast, so 5 minutes later I got high sikit d. Thank you hereditary alcohol tolerance level.

Went for round two at Bar Celona (bah. music there that night sucked, but at least there were some eyecandy sikit la). Dinesh bought me my first Flaming. Nice is nice la, but I was kinda let down. Bar Celona's version not so... fiery. Now to try the glassless version. =D (Ish cannot find that pic. Saw it once. A guy "takung-ed" the mix in his mouth, someone lit it, then he swallowed, fire and all)

Harley gets sooo red even when sober. Ying May came! And Blitz looks so cute here. Hehe.

Interactor (yes, Interactor) Wei Kein, who wants to join the big boys early. Sorry la. Earliest also after your 17th birthday.

James wouldn't wear the bra for round 2, so Jacky and Wei Kein must grope oni one.

Sanjeev's housemate, Boon something, or something Boon? Cannot remember. Sorry boss!

No idea why the glass appeared.

James and Kristine whacked a 1 litre bottle of water each in 5 minutes, and can still drink after that. Hehehe. Oh, and speedwise, Kristine kicked James's ass!

I had to leave at 1am since mom was getting angry, so Jon drove me home. But seriously la, I know she's just worried for me and all, but I'm surrounded by friends (literally and figuratively speaking.. for that night la) and I was only in Sunway, plus when she started txting it was minutes after midnight. It's not like I don't know how to take care of myself, or that I don't know my limits. If you want to set a curfew for me, then TELL me la when's my curfew and I'll follow it! Don't sometimes let me out until 3am (and that time it was NYE, and only me and wennie chilling) and not say a word, then next time start getting angry becouse I'm not home by midnight. So potong steam only man. Couldn't even spend more time with the Penangites, since most of them were at a meeting, and I left before they finished.


(Might put up more pics if I get them. And videos too. Hehehehe.)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest.

Nuffnang's having yet another contest (not complaining there :D) together with Realmart, the online point redemption thing by RealRewards. The difference now is that ANYONE can use their service, not just RealReward cardholders, so you can either use points+cash or just cash to redeem stuff.

Back to the contest.

To participate, we're supposed to write a post on what to give a Nuffnanger. Here's mine la.

To Boss Stewie and Ming:

Bill Gates founded Microsoft before you were born (I think. You two not so old one right?) which about a decade later became known as the Giant in the IT industry.

In 2007 the two of you officially launched Nuffnang. Hardly a year later, Nuffnang needed to expand to have 3 offices to embrace bloggers not only from Malaysia, but also Singapore.

You targeted to get 300 bloggers in 3 months. Now, after only 16 months, the Nuffnang community has grown to 40,000 bloggers, and is still growing strong.

You had to go knocking on doors, begging for meetings and finally you got your first client (it's the hotel one right? In Seremban or somewhere up North one right? I forgot). Today companies like Nike, Citibank, Airasia, Nestle and Firefly come up to you for meetings to discuss their ads.

Tim and Ming, congratulations. You're well on your way to become the next Industry Giant(s).

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm moving

from the Basement to Level 3A.

Noooooo I wasn't chucked aside becouse I was a lousy intern. The project that I was put into was huge, and they lacked space, so they rented the whole basement just for that project.

Today is the last day for the project... kinda.

Spent the entire day going up and down, bringing the PCs and questionnaires and whatnot to the office, where a smaller group will finish the project.

It's great finally being in the main office with everyone, but the sad part is that now I can't goof off as much, and it's kinda warm there too.

Oh. And I don't get a cubie.

I got a table.


Nuffnang Live WILD blogging - On National TV yo!

Yes, stole this becouse I don't have the time or energy to write a proper post.

(Like the rest of you care anyway. My readership jatuh by more than 50% recently. Tak tau mengapa. ='( *sniff sniff*)

Fast forward to about the 1:45 mark to skip the boring blablabla. Shad, you're kat around 3:10, and AGAIN kat 5:00. Ty, a glimpse of your tiger/gorrila-ness is at 3:37. KennySia the alcoholic Pooh bear kat 4:46, and WOOT! Social Butterfly (wth NO ONE got my joke) aka electronicfly kat 6:06, laughing out loud so unlady-like. x|

Thanks for the upload Kimberly!

Read my posts on the event here and here.

(Hehehe when this is published I would be at work. =D Hmm. Something's wrong with Blogger's scheduled publishing. My post isn't getting scheduled!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bimbo post

Argh! I broke 3 nails, and chipped another 2 at work! And my instal's THIS Saturday!

Had to reslot in the questionnaires as well as take note of those missing ones the entire day, so imagine going through more than 60 stacks of 10x250 pages questionnaire, rearranging them, and hoping you won't squash your finger..AGAIN!


Who wants to pay for my manicure? (I'll probably do it myself and sapu the money...)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Attempted PM12 reunion.

Only 9 of us came. >.< This is why I hate planning such gatherings. Sure there will be alot who can't make it or ffk one.

Aimi stopped saying "Seriously?" :(

Jing Wennie!

Mr Raindeer and Zhen.

Kev Kev

Shak! Even though she's still in Malaysia, we hardly sad right?

Dang. Missed out Pete and Kwan. Wanted to take a group pic but tak jadi-ed. Aimi! (doubt you read this anyway) I want the rest of the photos!

(Totally unrelated: I want to go for a movie marathon! Kungfu Panda, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Dark Night, Wanted. When they come out, I also want to watch Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Sex in the City, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, Wall-E and You Don't Mess With the Zohan. That's 10 movies x RM10 = RM110! Who wanna sponsor? :D

Oh! Forgot about the 2 tickets from Nuffnang! That's RM20 saved there. Yay! Now if only I can get the time...)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

First week of work as an intern.

Streamyx is emoing on me now.

If you're wondering why I'm using the present tense when I'm not supposed to be able to load my window, well, that's because I'm using notepad.

Oh what a dedicated blogger I am.

You can stop scoffing now.


And now, the what-do-I-do-at-work-eh-I-work-one-meh post that I promised.

I got an internship at Research International Asia, a market research company, as an intern (like Duh) in the Operations and IS Department (Sounds alot like Rotary eh... RI and IS. Hehehe). As the major project going on now is reaching its deadline (August 9th) I was put to work into that area straight away. There wasn't enough space in the main office up in Level 3A (level 4 la) of Menara Mellenium, so the company rented the Basement for this project, which is where I go to everyday (So sad hor, got pushed away to the basement..*sniff sniff* hehe no la, not really. Since we're away from the office/clients, we can get away with some things such as the dresscode).

My first day was spent by going through a briefing and introduction session by the HR manager, together with two new permanent staff and then I started off REAL work by punching in data into the system.

As everyone was busy, I didn't get a proper introduction or briefing about the system and how it works, but with some guidance, I managed to get the hang of it. The time I left work that day? 7pm. An hour and a half after office hours. Yes, OT even on the first day. Dedicated leh. Read on and you'll see what I mean even better.

Day two, and I wrapped up the surveys I was entering into the system (about 270 or so pages per survey. Yep, that much) and since I kinda got the hang of things already, my supervisor had me supervise the temps. Hahahaha. Crazy right? Thankfully I had great co-workers, and with their help I learnt even more about basically everything I have done up 'til today. OTed again that day in order to finish my survey, as the next day I was to be an "overseer" the entire day.

Day three, and Aini walked in! With the HR manager of course. Day three was the most chilling day I had so far. There was a blown fuse, so everyone had to wait until that problem was solved before work could start, so "work" until about 12pm was sitting around, chatting about anything, and FINALLY I got a briefing about the survey, but by then I already understood it quite well, so it just further cemented my knowledge on it. Some time after lunch Aini was called up to the main office. Since during a Q&A session earlier she said she was more of a people person rather than a numbers person, she was moved to HR. Fly got dumped. :(

Day four was the worst day ever. I fell sick on Monday, and on Thursday my nose hurt so much from all the blowing, my stomach felt so queasy, my head hurt, and so did my feet from all the walking and standing around in not-so comfortable shoes. The highlight would have been meeting a fellow intern who was there since a month ago (but was on leave when I came in). Didn't go into OT that day. Went home, showered and ate, and went to bed straight away.

Day five was a slow day. All the keypunchers were basically pros in what they were doing, so there weren't much queries for me that day. Did make a couple of new friends from the keypunchers though (and now if I could remember their names. :/ )

(I STILL can't load the page, OR log into MSN! Grrrr!)

Day six, which was yesterday, was the most idiotic. >.<
I was told to come for work by a co-worker, but once my super saw me, he was all "eh, what are you doing here?". Turns out that I didn't have to go for work that SATURDAY. Since they didn't need me, I kuli-ed abit by slotting some orphan surveys into the proper piles and stoned while I waited for my super to get me more work. Half an hour later he still haven't returned from the main office, so I just left. Wat.. I wasn't supposed to be there anywayyyyyy. Don't stare at me liddat can anot.

And with that, it's the end of my first week at work. Tune in for my next one-hit-wonder (yah, I wonder...), "Fashion Dillema: The Things A T-shirt&Jeans Student Do For Work".

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'm going back to work today.

It's a Saturday by the way.

My work's supposed to be a 5 day week.

OT (That's Over Time, for you blissful students) on the first day, OT on the second day, OT on the third day. Fourth and fifth I went back on the dot at 5.30pm because I was sick, and rushing for a Rotaract meeting. Saturday balik kerja again.

I think I would be getting resumes from bosses now. =P

I promised all of you a blow-by-blow brief of work right? But you read that I'm going back to work today right?

So tomorrow oni la. Hehehehe.

Wat, I didn't break my promise oso. I said this weekend, and Sunday's still the weekend ma.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Metered earnings

Apa tu yah Nuffnang?

I felt like checking the earnings part today, for the fun of it (more like hoping the decimal point moved one or two spaces to teh right la) and saw that there was a new area. The metered earnings table.

Robb, Tim, itu apa? Tak cakap dalam blog punya?

Oh, and Nuffnang ada sponsor flight pi tu Sabah gathering tak? Hehehe. I nak pergi! Nak makan kuih cincin! (Or someone can tahpau for me. either one oso can. :D)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dog tired

Today's the first time I'm home while the sun's still up ('cause I'm sick).

Giler betul. But what to do, rushing for deadline.. (though I'm sick)

Feet hurt from standing up and walking around the whole day (even when I'm sick) in order to oversee the temps.

The room doesn't feel as cold as the first day nowadays (maybe 'cause I'm sick)

Oh, and did I tell you that I'm sick?


Will do a proper proper post this weekend, so please bear with my sparse words for now (since I'm sick)

Monday, July 14, 2008

First Day at Work

Thankfully the people there are quite nice. No dragon boss or ham sap lou. Hehehehe.

Not going to talk much about it, as what the stuff I did is probably confidential (plus I'm really tired from all the data entry work. 4 surveys, each at least 200 pages long, most with many mistakes. Sigh).

Tried to finish the last book, but couldn't. Hey, I already stayed back for 1.5 hours kay, and it was getting dark.

"Identified" a couple of the typical office people already, namely the gentleman, the chica, the blur one and the mat romeo. Hehehe. Aren't psych students observant. =D

I don't know what to think anymore.

You say no, and make it seem like you mean no, but so many things you do seem to say yes yes yes! or even no, but I'm here just to spite you. For your information, I hate two-faced people. So if you mean to hurt me, just come up and tell me why don't you? Don't worry, I can seperate work and personal lives very well. And remember that I won't be the only victim. You hurt another as well.

And you say she won't, but what she's doing isn't in line with what you told me. Sometimes I think that she's either a good pretender, or that you are blinded by your past. Yes it's a good thing you're still on good terms with her, but don't you think that it's a little too good?

As for you, do you even have an inkling of what's going on? I thought I was over it already, from the very clear signal you gave me that day but everything else after that was just so confusing. Was it confusing becouse of you, or was it me not really getting over it? I don't know. You tell me.

Last but not least, you. The one with totally no connection with the rest, except through me. But it's becouse of that thin string I have to say no. I'm probably wrong anyway, but if I am right, I'm sorry. It has nothing to do with you, really, truly. You're a great person. Smart, kind, funny. Which is why I don't want to hurt you any more than I already have. Maybe if we had met under other circumstances, there would be a chance, but head and heart pines for someone else, even if it might never happen.

In a near perfect world, the four will read this, and know who they are and understand how I feel. But we don't live in a perfect world now, do we? Fact is, we live lives that are far, far, far from perfection.

If only there was Photoshop for the real world. Then I'll magic wand each of those bits and pieces and press delete.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Smoke in my hair

Bleh. Shouldn't have gone to sleep straight last night. 4 wash and rinse cycles and still my hair smells of cigarette smoke.

Interactors showed up at Rotary Subang's installation. yesterday in full force. At least 10 DJians weh, and most of them were in Form 3 or 4. Semangat. Hehehehe. And DJians will always be DJians la. The moment the came in they asked whether there was wine. >.<" As if we are such irresponsible adults la, let underagers drink. Tsk tsk boys. Managed to chill with them for a while and talk before having to go and work. Kuli work. The typical last minute stuff and tray duty. I have to remember to watch out for what Ying is giving next time if she still stones. The poor girl was so blur towards the end of the night.

Nothing different about this year's installation, except that we Rotaractors were put closer to the main table d. Well, either they give us more face this year or they want us closer to the stage to help. I shall believe that they gave us more face la. Sounds better. Hehehe. Oh, we got an appreciation award too, for our work in the recent DRA. I felt kinda bad though when I heard some of the comments made by IPP Joy about the other team. They did do more work than what he said.

Met up with Ying May after the dinner, since she was in the building for a wedding and the 5 of us (President James, Community Service Director Sanjeev, International Service Director Ying May, Club Service Director Ying and myself, the moneysucker) went over to Laundry, but as usual on Sat nights, it was loud and crowded, so it kinda beat our perpose of going there to discuss some stuff about our own installation.

Moved up to Sanctuary and got pissed off at the shoddy service by one of the waitresses (James wasn't the only one who felt like throwing a shoe at her). We ordered a jug of Heineken to share, and when she came and poured it out for us, she poured 4 full mugs, and left one more empty. What an idiot! Well, from a customer's point of view that is. Her boss should be happy that one extra jug was sold.

Talked for a while, went to pee, talked somore, went to pee. Danced a little, drank a little more, went to pee. They should seriously have a toilet closer. Save me the walk. Hehehe. Oh, and don't listen to the DJ when he tells the prices of drinks. "Tequila shots going at RM10!" he says. RM19 more like it.

Handphones are such useful tools. All bartenders should be made to learn how to use every brand's SMS function. Then when customers like me pass them the phone to ask a question they will know how to use it to reply. Smart leh. Now any bar owners who read this and implement it, you don't have to pay me. Just lemme drink for free. =D

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Over and done with

First year second semester - OVER!

The first thing I did was to bicker over where to go. hheehehe. Normal la.

Ended up in Sunway, where we dragged Xing along as we shopped. Not found my work clothes yet, but at least I know where to go if I really can't find anything better.

Helpful hint for the day: Don't bother going into Women's Secret if you have a cup size bigger than a B. Yes, their biggest is a B. Go la until C at least. Haihyor.

I think we walked around the entire mall at least 3 times, and ended up at Sakae Sushi again for lunch. Yum yum teriyaki chicken donnnnnnnnn. Don don don~ Hehehehehe. Quite worth it too, for their serving is quite large for a Japanese rice dish, and it only costs RM10.30 (or somewhere around there la) not including the government tax and service charge.

Met up with Jon and a couple of his friends at (you guessed it) the arcade, but we went off for more shopping as they played DDR. Bleks. Sweaty Jon = Don't hug me please.

Shopped, dinnered at Carl's Jr as the girls went off to some pasar malam, or attempted to. Hee. The bus they wanted to take didn't arrive, and there was a massive traffic jam right outside Sunway Pyramid then, so they came back into Sunway for dinner right when we were done.

Shopped for Joe's underwear, saw the cutest Mr Man line of kid's underwear at Mark and Spencer's, took a photo of Jon going all "Yo yo yo say my name" with some mannequins, chilled at a couch somewhere, got dragged out for drinks in Telawi.

(Let's stray away from topic a while)

I feel so aunty nowadays. Really don't feel like going out at night, even just for drinks. Would rather go home, read a book and sleep(that reminds me. I need to get back to sleep. Slept at 3, up by 7. X|) I wonder why. Not like I can fall asleep before 2am anyway. Sigh.

Oh! There was a fire at SMKDJ! It seems that Block F's roof collapsed, and the hall got gutted. What happened, well, I can speculate, but I won't tell you.

Btw, good luck Dynamitez! Make us proud once again! Dynamitez Boom Boom!

(hehehe, looks like I didn't get back on topic now, did I? :P)

Stuff I still need/want to buy:
-Strapless bra that fits perfect
-Slacks x3
-Work tops x n (n>3)
-Skirts x see-la-my-mood
-Halter tie-back vest (Why must it be sold in only the lala places? It's to pretty and versatile to be lala! If anyone's going to Berjaya Times Square, please help me get one!)
-A new haircut, or just someone to trim my fringe. It's getting the chopped up look. Bleh.

Rotary Subang's Instalation dinner's tonight. Will upload Jonbon's pic after that. Heee.

update: Beh. Not gonna bring the camera. Too bulky. Damn I need my clutch!

Yo Yo Yo.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This a scheduled post. I'm having my finals when this came out.

[wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight] says (10:11 PM):

alvin, meet meng li

meng li, meet alvin

* M e n G l ı * says (10:12 PM):


hello alvin

nice to meet u

alvin says (10:12 PM):


r u a hot girl?

* M e n G l ı * says (10:13 PM):

hot like fire

alvin says (10:14 PM):

wahh so hot

can touch u to check ?

i bring thermometer

* M e n G l ı * says (10:14 PM):

cant touch la

alvin says (10:14 PM):


* M e n G l ı * says (10:14 PM):

got burn

alvin says (10:14 PM):

more than 100 celcius

* M e n G l ı * says (10:14 PM):

but i'm irresistable

alvin says (10:14 PM):

mercury from thermometer burst out d

hot hot !!

* M e n G l ı * says (10:14 PM):


dun play with fire

alvin says (10:15 PM):


[wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight] says (10:15 PM):


alvin says (10:16 PM):


hot girls some more


[wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight] says (10:17 PM):

here la

got 2 d here

*ping* another window opens*

* M e n G l ı * says (10:17 PM):

alvin, this is eefei

fei, thi is alvin

alvin looking for girls

[wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight] says (10:17 PM):


alvin says (10:17 PM):



undress me!!

right now !!

[wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight] says (10:18 PM):


i was eating kuih

* M e n G l ı * says (10:18 PM):

shud i leave u two here?

[wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight] says (10:18 PM):

almost sprayed out weh

alvin says (10:18 PM):

im feeling so hot

* M e n G l ı * says (10:18 PM):


alvin says (10:18 PM):

too bad i dun have webcam

[wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight] says (10:18 PM):


* M e n G l ı * says (10:18 PM):

like fire?

alvin says (10:18 PM):

feel like doing naughty things to myself mmmmmm

[wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight] says (10:18 PM):

thank the LORD (<-- I was referring to his "too bad no webcam" comment. Not the touching one..)

alvin says (10:18 PM):

when i touch myself, i get3rd degree burns

oh my

* M e n G l ı * says (10:19 PM):

alvin i tell u i gonan post this in blog

[wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight] says (10:19 PM):

3rd degree oni ah?


me oso!

i'm gonna save and post

*high fives meng li*

* M e n G l ı * says (10:19 PM):


alvin says (10:19 PM):

dun touch my ass

ham sap

ish ish

[wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight] says (10:20 PM):


* M e n G l ı * says (10:20 PM):


Jon, you have been defeated.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I feel adored now

This came in late this afternoon.

Dear Toh Ee Fei,

We wish to inform you that you have been accepted for our internship program. You shall be station in our operation and Data processing division. Kindly contact me at or at 012 8888888 for further coordination coordinate. Kindly indicate your duration and start date of intership.

Warm regards
HR Manager Where I'm Interning

Woooooot!! Better job, better pay, quicker replies. Syoik. I'm kinda nervous about sending a reply, so I'm gonna go get some advice from my lecturer tomorrow.

Thank you

Thank you for letting me rant.
Thank you for knowing I had to leave.
Thank you for not asking questions.
Thank you for listening even though you had no idea what I was talking about.
Thank you for trying.
Thank you for not telling.
Thank you for the hug.
Thank you for everything, you.

Sorry for ruining your shirt.

I promise to be more cheerful when you come back.

Do come home soon.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Psych Kat


Sunday, July 06, 2008

First!!11!ONE!! ... Not.

Got this in my mail yesterday.


You are one of the first bloggers in Nuffnang to run the first widgetized functional ad called the Happy-O-Meter, on [wood] [earth] [cheap] [flight].

The advertisement details are as follows:

Digi Happy O Meter W2-13

The new widgetized ad will last from:
1. 17 Aug 2008 to 23 Aug 2008
2. 24 Aug 2008 to 30 Aug 2008
3. 07 Sep 2008 to 13 Sep 2008
4. 14 Sep 2008 to 20 Sep 2008
5. 21 Sep 2008 to 27 Sep 2008

Check out the dates yooooo. One of the last few la maybe. >.<" And to rub it in, Nuffnang sent the email three times. >.<"


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Free me

I need sun, sand, shades and a good book.

A quickie

(This is a scheduled post)

Past events:
  • HELP's Charity Aid Concert (Good job guys. For something planned in less than two months, no budget and there being freaking alot of people to coordinate with, *bows down*).
  • Hypnotherapy Preview.
  • Finding out I suck at Guitar Hero.
  • Finally touchhhedddd a Wii.
  • Mund's dinner.

Current events:
  • Study
  • Stone
Repeat the above.

Future events:
  • Spa
  • Exams
  • Exams
  • Exams
  • Term break!!!!
  • Job hunting
  • Girls night out
  • Jati Reunion
  • Penang (?)
  • Sleep
  • Sleep
  • Shop

Friday, July 04, 2008

Must blog

Heh. I just realised that I've been posting something everyday this past couple of days.

I shouldn't break the rhythm now, should I.


You all love me. =D

Good news! I've read all the slides for LLS chapters 8 to 16.
Bad news. I don't remember a single thing.

Good news! My month and a half long term break starts in a week.
Bad news. My finals starts on Tuesday.

Good news! I'm not so superbly broke anymore, so I can go shopping!
Bad news. Will be using alot of money next year (if everything goes as planned), so I'll need to save and earn up starting now.

Good news! Many of my darlings are back from overseas.
Bad news. Many are leaving either right when I'm free, or soon after.

Last one.

Good news! There's no such thing as politics anymore.
Bad news. I was dreaming of the perfect world.

On a different note, what's up with the xiaxue/dawn yang thing? I have no idea whether any of it is true or not, but eh, quite fun eh to read. Hehehehehehehe.

/me can be such a gossip-y evil bitch.

Oh! Anyone else realise that the Malaysian Censorship Board cuts off the word 'Bitch' everytime it comes up? Fine la if it was being used in the rude context, but bitch = female dog too you know.

How to improve our English liddat? Iyor.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

MIA - Paper planes

For some odd reason I really like this song...

(update: For some reason the first video I put up is now not available for viewing in Malaysia. Censorship or something else?)

I fly like paper, get high like planes
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name
If you come around here, I make them all day
I get one down in a second if you wait

I fly like paper, get high like planes
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name
If you come around here, I make them all day
I get one down in a second if you wait

Sometimes I feel sitting on trains
Every stop I get to I'm clocking that game
Everyone's a winner now we're making our fame
Bona fide hustler, making my name

Sometimes I feel sitting on trains
Every stop I get to I'm clocking that game
Everyone's a winner now we're making our fame
Bona fide hustler, making my name

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

Pirate skulls and bones
Sticks and stones and weed and bombs
Running when we hit them
Lethal poison through their system

Pirate skulls and bones
Sticks and stones and weed and bombs
Running when we hit them
Lethal poison through their system

No one on the corner has swagger like us
Hit me on my banner, prepaid wireless
We pack and deliver like UPS trucks
Already going to hell just pumping that gas

No one on the corner has swagger like us
Hit me on my banner, prepaid wireless
We pack and deliver like UPS trucks
Already going to hell just pumping that gas

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

Third world democracy
Yeah, I got more records than the K.G.B.
So, uh, no funny business

Some, some, some, I some I murder
Some, I some I let go
Some, some, some, I some I murder
Some, I some I let go

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

All I want to do is BANG BANG BANG BANG!
And take your money

edit: HAHAHAHAHAH. I finally realised something. I think it's about being a pusher. =p
Kids, stay clean yo!

Stupid hormones

I was trying to get some sleep, when all of a sudden my body decides to PMS on me.

All of a sudden I just started sobbing and all sorts of memories came back. Family, friends, myself.

I wasn't a very happy camper back in the day, and reliving the past I thought I had gotten over just made me feel like crying my eyes out even more.

I couldn't breathe. My nose was all clogged up, and my throat kept on closing up on me.

And now I can't sleep becouse my pillow's too wet.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The after-class rant of a grown child.

Nak baca kerja rumah saya tak?


Kalau dah baca, ada perhatikan tak, yang postnye tu, semakin pendek? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Evie slipping a tenner to the stripper.