Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dog tired

Today's the first time I'm home while the sun's still up ('cause I'm sick).

Giler betul. But what to do, rushing for deadline.. (though I'm sick)

Feet hurt from standing up and walking around the whole day (even when I'm sick) in order to oversee the temps.

The room doesn't feel as cold as the first day nowadays (maybe 'cause I'm sick)

Oh, and did I tell you that I'm sick?


Will do a proper proper post this weekend, so please bear with my sparse words for now (since I'm sick)


At 18 July, 2008 11:56 , Blogger Kellen said...

I lol-ed so hard even my stomach started to hurt. You really need to rub that in every paragraph? XD

At 18 July, 2008 18:40 , Blogger electronicfly said...


must la show how dedicated I am. :P


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