Sunday, July 20, 2008

First week of work as an intern.

Streamyx is emoing on me now.

If you're wondering why I'm using the present tense when I'm not supposed to be able to load my window, well, that's because I'm using notepad.

Oh what a dedicated blogger I am.

You can stop scoffing now.


And now, the what-do-I-do-at-work-eh-I-work-one-meh post that I promised.

I got an internship at Research International Asia, a market research company, as an intern (like Duh) in the Operations and IS Department (Sounds alot like Rotary eh... RI and IS. Hehehe). As the major project going on now is reaching its deadline (August 9th) I was put to work into that area straight away. There wasn't enough space in the main office up in Level 3A (level 4 la) of Menara Mellenium, so the company rented the Basement for this project, which is where I go to everyday (So sad hor, got pushed away to the basement..*sniff sniff* hehe no la, not really. Since we're away from the office/clients, we can get away with some things such as the dresscode).

My first day was spent by going through a briefing and introduction session by the HR manager, together with two new permanent staff and then I started off REAL work by punching in data into the system.

As everyone was busy, I didn't get a proper introduction or briefing about the system and how it works, but with some guidance, I managed to get the hang of it. The time I left work that day? 7pm. An hour and a half after office hours. Yes, OT even on the first day. Dedicated leh. Read on and you'll see what I mean even better.

Day two, and I wrapped up the surveys I was entering into the system (about 270 or so pages per survey. Yep, that much) and since I kinda got the hang of things already, my supervisor had me supervise the temps. Hahahaha. Crazy right? Thankfully I had great co-workers, and with their help I learnt even more about basically everything I have done up 'til today. OTed again that day in order to finish my survey, as the next day I was to be an "overseer" the entire day.

Day three, and Aini walked in! With the HR manager of course. Day three was the most chilling day I had so far. There was a blown fuse, so everyone had to wait until that problem was solved before work could start, so "work" until about 12pm was sitting around, chatting about anything, and FINALLY I got a briefing about the survey, but by then I already understood it quite well, so it just further cemented my knowledge on it. Some time after lunch Aini was called up to the main office. Since during a Q&A session earlier she said she was more of a people person rather than a numbers person, she was moved to HR. Fly got dumped. :(

Day four was the worst day ever. I fell sick on Monday, and on Thursday my nose hurt so much from all the blowing, my stomach felt so queasy, my head hurt, and so did my feet from all the walking and standing around in not-so comfortable shoes. The highlight would have been meeting a fellow intern who was there since a month ago (but was on leave when I came in). Didn't go into OT that day. Went home, showered and ate, and went to bed straight away.

Day five was a slow day. All the keypunchers were basically pros in what they were doing, so there weren't much queries for me that day. Did make a couple of new friends from the keypunchers though (and now if I could remember their names. :/ )

(I STILL can't load the page, OR log into MSN! Grrrr!)

Day six, which was yesterday, was the most idiotic. >.<
I was told to come for work by a co-worker, but once my super saw me, he was all "eh, what are you doing here?". Turns out that I didn't have to go for work that SATURDAY. Since they didn't need me, I kuli-ed abit by slotting some orphan surveys into the proper piles and stoned while I waited for my super to get me more work. Half an hour later he still haven't returned from the main office, so I just left. Wat.. I wasn't supposed to be there anywayyyyyy. Don't stare at me liddat can anot.

And with that, it's the end of my first week at work. Tune in for my next one-hit-wonder (yah, I wonder...), "Fashion Dillema: The Things A T-shirt&Jeans Student Do For Work".


At 21 July, 2008 23:33 , Blogger Johnny Ong said...

good to see u enjoyin work. its when u are happy at work,no matter how long or tired, u wld continue doin it


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