Friday, July 18, 2008

Metered earnings

Apa tu yah Nuffnang?

I felt like checking the earnings part today, for the fun of it (more like hoping the decimal point moved one or two spaces to teh right la) and saw that there was a new area. The metered earnings table.

Robb, Tim, itu apa? Tak cakap dalam blog punya?

Oh, and Nuffnang ada sponsor flight pi tu Sabah gathering tak? Hehehe. I nak pergi! Nak makan kuih cincin! (Or someone can tahpau for me. either one oso can. :D)


At 18 July, 2008 20:33 , Blogger maro^gal said...

i wanted to know tat alot too...

wat is metered campaigns and buffered earnings??


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