Friday, July 04, 2008

Must blog

Heh. I just realised that I've been posting something everyday this past couple of days.

I shouldn't break the rhythm now, should I.


You all love me. =D

Good news! I've read all the slides for LLS chapters 8 to 16.
Bad news. I don't remember a single thing.

Good news! My month and a half long term break starts in a week.
Bad news. My finals starts on Tuesday.

Good news! I'm not so superbly broke anymore, so I can go shopping!
Bad news. Will be using alot of money next year (if everything goes as planned), so I'll need to save and earn up starting now.

Good news! Many of my darlings are back from overseas.
Bad news. Many are leaving either right when I'm free, or soon after.

Last one.

Good news! There's no such thing as politics anymore.
Bad news. I was dreaming of the perfect world.

On a different note, what's up with the xiaxue/dawn yang thing? I have no idea whether any of it is true or not, but eh, quite fun eh to read. Hehehehehehehe.

/me can be such a gossip-y evil bitch.

Oh! Anyone else realise that the Malaysian Censorship Board cuts off the word 'Bitch' everytime it comes up? Fine la if it was being used in the rude context, but bitch = female dog too you know.

How to improve our English liddat? Iyor.


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