Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest.

Nuffnang's having yet another contest (not complaining there :D) together with Realmart, the online point redemption thing by RealRewards. The difference now is that ANYONE can use their service, not just RealReward cardholders, so you can either use points+cash or just cash to redeem stuff.

Back to the contest.

To participate, we're supposed to write a post on what to give a Nuffnanger. Here's mine la.

To Boss Stewie and Ming:

Bill Gates founded Microsoft before you were born (I think. You two not so old one right?) which about a decade later became known as the Giant in the IT industry.

In 2007 the two of you officially launched Nuffnang. Hardly a year later, Nuffnang needed to expand to have 3 offices to embrace bloggers not only from Malaysia, but also Singapore.

You targeted to get 300 bloggers in 3 months. Now, after only 16 months, the Nuffnang community has grown to 40,000 bloggers, and is still growing strong.

You had to go knocking on doors, begging for meetings and finally you got your first client (it's the hotel one right? In Seremban or somewhere up North one right? I forgot). Today companies like Nike, Citibank, Airasia, Nestle and Firefly come up to you for meetings to discuss their ads.

Tim and Ming, congratulations. You're well on your way to become the next Industry Giant(s).


At 26 July, 2008 15:39 , Blogger Boss Ming said...

hahahah thanks for your kind comments dude.

quite a bit has changed since we first started out, and you're right, but we're a long looong looooong way from success, and being counted amongst the ranks of the big boys you mentioned.

thanks for your support! and keep doing your thing!


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