Friday, July 25, 2008

Nuffnang Live WILD blogging - On National TV yo!

Yes, stole this becouse I don't have the time or energy to write a proper post.

(Like the rest of you care anyway. My readership jatuh by more than 50% recently. Tak tau mengapa. ='( *sniff sniff*)

Fast forward to about the 1:45 mark to skip the boring blablabla. Shad, you're kat around 3:10, and AGAIN kat 5:00. Ty, a glimpse of your tiger/gorrila-ness is at 3:37. KennySia the alcoholic Pooh bear kat 4:46, and WOOT! Social Butterfly (wth NO ONE got my joke) aka electronicfly kat 6:06, laughing out loud so unlady-like. x|

Thanks for the upload Kimberly!

Read my posts on the event here and here.

(Hehehe when this is published I would be at work. =D Hmm. Something's wrong with Blogger's scheduled publishing. My post isn't getting scheduled!)


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