Saturday, July 12, 2008

Over and done with

First year second semester - OVER!

The first thing I did was to bicker over where to go. hheehehe. Normal la.

Ended up in Sunway, where we dragged Xing along as we shopped. Not found my work clothes yet, but at least I know where to go if I really can't find anything better.

Helpful hint for the day: Don't bother going into Women's Secret if you have a cup size bigger than a B. Yes, their biggest is a B. Go la until C at least. Haihyor.

I think we walked around the entire mall at least 3 times, and ended up at Sakae Sushi again for lunch. Yum yum teriyaki chicken donnnnnnnnn. Don don don~ Hehehehehe. Quite worth it too, for their serving is quite large for a Japanese rice dish, and it only costs RM10.30 (or somewhere around there la) not including the government tax and service charge.

Met up with Jon and a couple of his friends at (you guessed it) the arcade, but we went off for more shopping as they played DDR. Bleks. Sweaty Jon = Don't hug me please.

Shopped, dinnered at Carl's Jr as the girls went off to some pasar malam, or attempted to. Hee. The bus they wanted to take didn't arrive, and there was a massive traffic jam right outside Sunway Pyramid then, so they came back into Sunway for dinner right when we were done.

Shopped for Joe's underwear, saw the cutest Mr Man line of kid's underwear at Mark and Spencer's, took a photo of Jon going all "Yo yo yo say my name" with some mannequins, chilled at a couch somewhere, got dragged out for drinks in Telawi.

(Let's stray away from topic a while)

I feel so aunty nowadays. Really don't feel like going out at night, even just for drinks. Would rather go home, read a book and sleep(that reminds me. I need to get back to sleep. Slept at 3, up by 7. X|) I wonder why. Not like I can fall asleep before 2am anyway. Sigh.

Oh! There was a fire at SMKDJ! It seems that Block F's roof collapsed, and the hall got gutted. What happened, well, I can speculate, but I won't tell you.

Btw, good luck Dynamitez! Make us proud once again! Dynamitez Boom Boom!

(hehehe, looks like I didn't get back on topic now, did I? :P)

Stuff I still need/want to buy:
-Strapless bra that fits perfect
-Slacks x3
-Work tops x n (n>3)
-Skirts x see-la-my-mood
-Halter tie-back vest (Why must it be sold in only the lala places? It's to pretty and versatile to be lala! If anyone's going to Berjaya Times Square, please help me get one!)
-A new haircut, or just someone to trim my fringe. It's getting the chopped up look. Bleh.

Rotary Subang's Instalation dinner's tonight. Will upload Jonbon's pic after that. Heee.

update: Beh. Not gonna bring the camera. Too bulky. Damn I need my clutch!

Yo Yo Yo.


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