Monday, July 28, 2008

RAC Subang's 22nd Installation

Wasn't perfect, but still fun. As usual, Malaysians followed GMT+8.30 instead of GMT+8.00, there wasn't a CD player for our background music so we made do with the karaoke machine, Joanne didn't cry when we did her surprise thank you thing, but Amanda did instead, food was served slow, but it wasn't bad, Jon didn't make it in time for the dinner, but came for round 2 and this is a very long paragraph with only two sentences. xD

Standing: Dinesh, Calvin Khoo, Ying.
Sitting: Jamie, Jacq, Kevitpal, Amanda, Kristine, me.

Kevitpal always get bullied.

Harley snickering since he didn't have to wear the bra.

But he had to eat the wasabi!

Almost gotten away without doing anything on the Rotaract Sales list, but IPP Dr. Joy just had to turn, point and wink at me, and whip out a RM50 note. Bad timing too. Had to guzzle the mug of beer+wine as fast as I could so I could run and do some stuff outside. Drank too fast, so 5 minutes later I got high sikit d. Thank you hereditary alcohol tolerance level.

Went for round two at Bar Celona (bah. music there that night sucked, but at least there were some eyecandy sikit la). Dinesh bought me my first Flaming. Nice is nice la, but I was kinda let down. Bar Celona's version not so... fiery. Now to try the glassless version. =D (Ish cannot find that pic. Saw it once. A guy "takung-ed" the mix in his mouth, someone lit it, then he swallowed, fire and all)

Harley gets sooo red even when sober. Ying May came! And Blitz looks so cute here. Hehe.

Interactor (yes, Interactor) Wei Kein, who wants to join the big boys early. Sorry la. Earliest also after your 17th birthday.

James wouldn't wear the bra for round 2, so Jacky and Wei Kein must grope oni one.

Sanjeev's housemate, Boon something, or something Boon? Cannot remember. Sorry boss!

No idea why the glass appeared.

James and Kristine whacked a 1 litre bottle of water each in 5 minutes, and can still drink after that. Hehehe. Oh, and speedwise, Kristine kicked James's ass!

I had to leave at 1am since mom was getting angry, so Jon drove me home. But seriously la, I know she's just worried for me and all, but I'm surrounded by friends (literally and figuratively speaking.. for that night la) and I was only in Sunway, plus when she started txting it was minutes after midnight. It's not like I don't know how to take care of myself, or that I don't know my limits. If you want to set a curfew for me, then TELL me la when's my curfew and I'll follow it! Don't sometimes let me out until 3am (and that time it was NYE, and only me and wennie chilling) and not say a word, then next time start getting angry becouse I'm not home by midnight. So potong steam only man. Couldn't even spend more time with the Penangites, since most of them were at a meeting, and I left before they finished.


(Might put up more pics if I get them. And videos too. Hehehehe.)


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