Sunday, July 13, 2008

Smoke in my hair

Bleh. Shouldn't have gone to sleep straight last night. 4 wash and rinse cycles and still my hair smells of cigarette smoke.

Interactors showed up at Rotary Subang's installation. yesterday in full force. At least 10 DJians weh, and most of them were in Form 3 or 4. Semangat. Hehehehe. And DJians will always be DJians la. The moment the came in they asked whether there was wine. >.<" As if we are such irresponsible adults la, let underagers drink. Tsk tsk boys. Managed to chill with them for a while and talk before having to go and work. Kuli work. The typical last minute stuff and tray duty. I have to remember to watch out for what Ying is giving next time if she still stones. The poor girl was so blur towards the end of the night.

Nothing different about this year's installation, except that we Rotaractors were put closer to the main table d. Well, either they give us more face this year or they want us closer to the stage to help. I shall believe that they gave us more face la. Sounds better. Hehehe. Oh, we got an appreciation award too, for our work in the recent DRA. I felt kinda bad though when I heard some of the comments made by IPP Joy about the other team. They did do more work than what he said.

Met up with Ying May after the dinner, since she was in the building for a wedding and the 5 of us (President James, Community Service Director Sanjeev, International Service Director Ying May, Club Service Director Ying and myself, the moneysucker) went over to Laundry, but as usual on Sat nights, it was loud and crowded, so it kinda beat our perpose of going there to discuss some stuff about our own installation.

Moved up to Sanctuary and got pissed off at the shoddy service by one of the waitresses (James wasn't the only one who felt like throwing a shoe at her). We ordered a jug of Heineken to share, and when she came and poured it out for us, she poured 4 full mugs, and left one more empty. What an idiot! Well, from a customer's point of view that is. Her boss should be happy that one extra jug was sold.

Talked for a while, went to pee, talked somore, went to pee. Danced a little, drank a little more, went to pee. They should seriously have a toilet closer. Save me the walk. Hehehe. Oh, and don't listen to the DJ when he tells the prices of drinks. "Tequila shots going at RM10!" he says. RM19 more like it.

Handphones are such useful tools. All bartenders should be made to learn how to use every brand's SMS function. Then when customers like me pass them the phone to ask a question they will know how to use it to reply. Smart leh. Now any bar owners who read this and implement it, you don't have to pay me. Just lemme drink for free. =D


At 14 July, 2008 01:05 , Blogger Johnny Ong said...

how lah to discuss in laundary hahahhaa. on the positive side of walking too far to the toilet, it's the exercise that we should have for the week ..... hehe

At 14 July, 2008 01:17 , Blogger Sanjeev said...

ahhh.....u did miss out on the spicier parts...
THOSE parts la~~
the french kissing and groping couples, viewcams and promises to load them up in youtube...
and oso the emoing session...

blek :P

good luck working tomoro
have fun

At 14 July, 2008 22:03 , Blogger electronicfly said...

johnny: hahahahahha. you implying i'm fat isit now? (hahaha memang pun. :P)

sanj: >.< y la u must announce to the whole world?


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