Sunday, August 31, 2008

I got kidnapped

It was Merdeka eve, and I was about to sleep after a long day.

The phone rings. The caller ID said Fi, but Amir answered. "Eh nak keluar beli burger?" he asked. "Jap je, tak lama"

I've not seen Fi since she came back, and won't be able to see her until Raya holidays, so I agreed.

"Eh balik 'kul 12.30 ah. I damn tired d, and nanti mak I mengamuk".

And so they came, and we left. It was 11.15pm, 30th August 2008.

At 11.45pm, we were still driving.

"Eh where on earth do you all wanna buy your burger one? So freaking far leh! Eh ingat I wanna be back home by 12.30 tau" I exclaimed.

Relax la said both Fi and Amir. Colin was beside me, busy texting.

At 12.00am, 31st August 2008, the fireworks started, and we were still driving. The fireworks display this year's quite minimal, isn't it? I would ask where all the umph has gone, but I think I know the answer.

I gave up trying to find out where we were heading too, and accepted the fact that I won't be back by 12.30. Sigh. Yet another day to be nagged and lectured upon.

At 12.15am, the car is finally parked.

In Taman Melawati.

Ate, drank and took home 10 burgers for other people.

I reached home around 1.45AM.

Happy Independance Day everyone.

Friday, August 29, 2008

One Thousandth Each of a Thousand Faces.

Since I could remember I had many faces, a thousand facades.
Everyday I go through them a hundred times.
So often I do, for so long a time,

I no longer know which is truly mine.

More often than not I feel
that it's a piece from everything.
One thousand masks broken into one thousand pieces
One thousandth each of a thousandth faces

All glued into one.

What's left of the rest, of the thousands of pieces
can be put back seamlessly.
But if you have seen that mask, if you have seen it in detail, as a whole,
That one missing piece stares right back at you.

What do you see underneath?
It could be me, or yet another mask.
Who is to know, if I myself wonder?
To look through that pinhole, into my soul or just another layer under another and another.

I fear too much.
I fear knowing, I fear not knowing.
I fear deception, I fear the truth.

I fear you.

Yet, I think...

I think.

Unrelated: Boohoo. Tomorrow's my last day of work. Gonna miss the whole office. Good thing it's so near, at least I can visit them now and then. Wait. Just looked at the clock. TODAY's my last day. Sigh.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nuffnang Sharing Session #1

I arrived at Italiannies 15 minutes after the appointed time, but luckily they've not started dinner yet, as they were waiting for me our special guests. Yay! More food for me! ;D But kena marah sikit by Robb and Tim. :( Hahahah perempuan memang mudah kecil hati tau. Oh, and saw Doraemon leaving after his rock climbing, tapi wasn't sure and was late d, so didn't call out.

So shy la that night at first, since I only recognised some of the Nuffnangers but by the end of the dinner, bloggers are bloggers la. All fren fren d one. Food was good, as usual, made better since I didn't have to fork out anything but abit of time. =D Add in a healthy serving of good company, camwhoring and gossiping, syoik la.

(Photos are in no chronological order. I got it mixed up while uploading. Bleh)

The above photo is courtesy of Joshua. I didn't bother photographing the food. Whack only la.

Photos are more important than dessert. That's MY bloggers for you.

Joshua. No, I wasn't sitting on his lap.

Few minutes after I took my seat the dinner started with a sicilian chicken salad and spinach artichoke formaggio. Salad was normal mildly carnivorous rabbit food, but the formaggio...wahhhh. Slurp. A little messy to eat because the spinach wasn't cut to managable lengths, but well worth it. Hey, that's what the napkin is for right?

Next, Cindy arrived! I was so sad at first I tell you, such a hot babe sitting right opposite me. What la, self confidence gone la liddat! But she's so nice and bubbly, couldn't help but like her lo.
After talking abit, the waiter brought in Chicken Italiannies. That night was the third time I tried it, and still don't like it la. I think it's probably because of the chilli, and this fly does not take chilli. I'm still Malaysian k..a weird one only la. The classic pizza and carbonara came later and I agree with Kel that beef goes better with carbonara than chicken (though I think oink oink bits would be even better).

Q&A session with Ringo and Cindy.

Kelz! If you're 18 and below, don't bother asking for her number. Story below.

Robb, Yee Hou, Fly. Hahaha can make sentence leh. "After Robbing Yee Hou you must fly to escape" Hahahahahahaha sorry la bored at work. (Yes, I'm at work now. Waiting for someone to teach me something before I can start work)

Things I found out that night:
Yee Hou is evil, and likes to translate things to Cantonese. Oh, and he's a camwhore master.

Pinky gets the "Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain" joke every time she meets someone new.

Sara, Devan's friend I first met during the Pajama Party is the editor for a magazine.

24th August is CopyKate's birthday. See see got video.

Ringo and Cindy didn't get to keep any of the clothes they modeled in.

Royal Shortness is a GUY! Finally, someone who understands my pain everytime someone goes "Eh, electronicfly's a GIRL?!?!"

Royal Shortness and Electronic Fly. See see he boy, I girl!

The "RnB" in rnboflife doesn't stand for rhythm and blues, but rants and bitching. Rofl! Apa la you Sharlyn. But having to skip Nuffnang events coz of work does give you more reasons to rant and bitch. =D

Kelz "doesn't believe in modern technology" oh wait ah let me answer my cell first. ROFLMAO!

Ididn'tgethisname, Boss Stewie, Fly, Pinky!

Gossip Session! Hahaha no la, they were looking at pictures.

Count the cameras! Cameraphones count!

Listening to stories and advice. Or at least Pinky was listening to the advice la.

All in all, it was great night. At least this time it was easier to mingle and make new friends. Yay Nuffnang!

Oh, tambahan pula, I finally got to eat my durians. Syoikkkk betul, until the bellyache that came after that couldn't make me regret pigging out on it. Why la must gluttony be one of the 7 deadly sins. Sigh. Takpe la. We will still die right? May as well die project happiii (hehe inside joke).

edit: Sorry boss! Salah spelling pulak. Ish ish ish. Maaf!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pizza day!

Last Friday, the same day I was paid to do nothing, was pizza day! Finally tried the Starbites pizza. Blehhhhhhhhhhhh. Do NOT waste your money on it. Looks good, but looks can be deceiving. If you want to use that much money, I suggest getting the stuff crust pizza instead. Way more worth it.

Looks good...

...but this tastes way better.

Romantics will see a heart, hamsap ones will see either balls or boobies, normal people will see a slice of pizza.

Everyone were in good spirits that day, prolly because all of us had either nothing or almost nothing to do.

Aini and I were bickering the whole time, to everyone else's amusement.

Biha, almost choked on her drink because we were all laughing so much. I didn't help. Hehe.

See. Laughlaughlaughlaughlaughlaugh the whole way only.

Group photo, with Fafa behind the camera. Faredah, Biha, Szen, Fei, Aini, Dayze.

Fafa, Faredah, Biha.

Laugh some more first...

Love this photo. =D

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Your view

What does this look like to you? Kawan-kawan sekalian, pls, your view please.

A little sign is all I need.

Can't help feeling all tingly inside whenever someone makes that wrong observation. But you always either play dumb or give the answer opposite to the one I want to hear.

One little 100% sign is all I need. A "Yes" in said situation, slipping your arm around my waist, holding my hand to cross the road. Even the corny hand-draping-while-yawning gesture during our next movie will send my heart a flutter and my body to melt into a puddle of happy goo.

And if it's a no, all you need to do is ask me whether you think she is into you, for you are into her. With just that, I'll back off so far and so fast you would have forgot I was ever there. It doesn't even have to be true.

It's already a fragile thing. Tottering on the needlepoint just makes it so much more painful to watch. Catch it and keep it safe, or let it fall and break to pieces so I can glue it back together with the sands of time.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I've not had anything to do at work the entire day. Previously I did have slow times, where I did some work, chilled, worked, chill worked and chilled some more, but today takes the cake.

I've been chilling ever since I stepped into the office.

We're sorta kinda allowed to use the Internet while in the office, so all I've been doing is surfing the net, so instead of paying RM3 an hour in a CC, I get to use a "CC" for free, AND get paid.
RM600 (damn low intern rates) / 20 working days / 7.5 hours a day = RM4 an hour. Not bad eh.

Found a US site with great shoes in their bargain bin, and if you spend more than USD50, they will give free shipping within the US. Sigh, I wish I was staying there. They have shoues going for as low as 99 cents! The most expensive in their bargain bin was about USD17, but even their lower end stuff rocked.

Nak beli lahhhhhhh!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Most new friends who come across my blog would ask "Eh, what's wood earth cheap flight?", so today I shall explain how WECP and electronicfly came about. (chewah like everyone in the world is interested liddat, but let me syoik sendiri abit la har. :P)

Wood Earth Cheap Flight would be a very direct translation my my name, as there are the characters for wood and earth in my surname (du), while my Ee's actually part of the word cheap, and my Fei's literally Fly. Not the new meaningless character for fly mind you, but the traditional one, which can be broken up to mean flying high (or so I was told. /me banana)

Electronicfly was the product of my sister's random thoughts.
Ee Fei = E-Fei = electronic Fei = Electronicfly.
I get it when people think that I'm some tech freak, but just because I understand why doesn't mean I like it. No, I'm not a techhead (I'm sadly quite noobish and way far from leet) and I'm not a guy.

Let me bring your attention to that last bit.

I am NOT a guy.

I've gotten the "eh I thought you were a guy" comment so often when meeting fellow bloggers/readers that it is no longer funny. It's just tiring, having to put on my "Oh isit? Oh hahaha" face.

edit: hahahaha I was typing this out at work and a colleague read the first two paragraphs. When I looked at his face he had his o.O face. Nyahahahaha.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mamma Mia! The Movie.

Would Nuffnangers give me the shuttupshuttupshuttup stare if I start singing along to the songs while watching the movie with them?

They have a chance of watching it again wat, since we'll be watching it before the movie opens to public.

And I'm such a good singer and so adorable, like him, sure they won't mind one right?


(Oh boss coming ok gonna post and email the link first..later update somore. Don't care, I want to spend time with Nuffies! Camwhoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 hours at work

Actually, if you include my lunch break and waiting time, I was at work for 11.5 hours.
Add on travelling time, and it's 13.5 hours. That's more than half a day dedicated solely to my internship program!

As my MSN tag now states, have you ever met a more dedicated and hardworking intern? I think not. /me toots own horn aka mengangkat bakul sendiri.

For only the second time my entire time there did I leave work after my bosses. The first was last week or so, when they all left early because of the Hungry Ghost Festival thingy.

Now I'm back home with a belly full of food smelling of soap, but I'm still working.

Secretary-ing for my mom. FOC. Social work. Hah.

Something totally unrelated: Feel like printing my personal name card leh. I've already designed it and all, but am still contemplating whether to print it or not. I can use it for Rotaract, HSEC and networking, but is it worth it? Would I really only want my own use it? One part of me knows that I naik miang to want my own name card again, but another part of me loathes to part with the money. Bleh. Gonna decide after getting a quotation, and definitely only after getting my pay.

Oh! I still have not banked in my first pay check!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

RAC Gombak's Installation

Was at Coca Restaurant in Subang on Saturday and coincidentally it was one of their members' birthday. Happy birthday Calvin Khoo!

Camera died, so I only got a few shots here and there, and hardly any of myself. *pouts*

Yes, I know I'm vain. =D Too bad la.

Gombak did something like my instal's dare thingy, but they fused it with Deal or No Deal. Hard to explain exactly what it is though, so I won't bother.

5 smexy poses on a chair.

10 balls in one mouth.

They also had a member retiring, and she too was like Joanne. Not a single tear shed. What la Jamie, all that preparation weh.

See. Can be Johnson's spokeperson. No-more-tears.

Went over to Wong Kok at SS2... (Ying, Sanj, Chris, James, Calvin, Kevit, Rtn, Jacq, Joanne. Spot me! Ya I was holding the camera la wtffffff. Takde gambar cantikku dalam post ini. Mana boleh?!?!)

... so we could get the Big Tea for birthday boy. Yes, he drank the whole thing, or almost la, when I left. What to do, old edi. Hard to tahan for more than 12 hours without sleep. It's now 17.5, and counting.

update: Slept at 2am, so that's 19 hours without sleep. Sei lor, what happened to my endurance?!?!

second update: FINALLY got the vid uploaded.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wayyyyyy Old Event

Edmund's 20th.

Hahahaha. I procrastinated on perpose. To be like him ma. Tell joke, laugh, and wait 5 minutes, then only he will laugh.


He just uploaded the photos, so nah. I'm not going to put photos of the others, since I don't know them, and there are more with Evie, so too bad la, 5 only.

My table + Birthday Boi. We were so secluded I tell you. Everyone else were on one side of the partition, we were on another. Tsk. Kar jie and besties konon.

Small world right! Who knew Mundy knew Phyllis too.

Siblings. See the resemblance? Sigh. Last time better, now so terbalik d. Sigh.


Hehehe. Paying the male stripper we hired. =D

Friday, August 15, 2008

Krispy Kreme's coming to Malaysia!!!!

over the next 5 years wth how to wait so long?!?!?!

According to themalaysianinsider, Krispy Kreme, with a franchise agreement thingymabob with Berjaya, would be opening 20 retail shops in Malaysia.

20 only ah? Lemme predict where there will be a Krispy Kreme shop.

One Utama or The Curve/Ikano area, Sunway Pyramid, KLCC or Pavillion, Times Square, Mid Valley or The Gardens. Quite sure one. Let's see how it goes la.

Dang. Now I crave for donuts.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad Timing

I feel like shouting, really loudly, one of my colleague's favourite swear word. It contains the name of a certain bank's children's mascot, and the malay word for mother.

ADP is starting their semester next week, so I wouldn't be able to take any elective subjects from that department as I would still be interning for the remainder of the month. That leaves me with little, and the only two subjects offered this semester is from the Business Department. However, their semester only starts in October, so I have to wait until then to get their timetable and see whether the classes clash with my core subjects. The cacat part is, my semester starts in September, so I run a very big risk of having my elective classes clash with my core classes, or to have 2 hour classes each day, for every weekday.

To make things worse, my right wisdom tooth on my bottom jaw's popping out, so I need to make time to visit the dentist's. Weekdays are out since I'll be at work, and the surgeon doesn't work on Sundays, so Saturdays are all I have left. Last Saturday my dad wasn't free to send me there and pay for the bill and this Saturday I'm supposed to go for a buffet steamboat dinner! How am I supposed to eat all I can with a swollen cheek and possibly a stitched up hole in my gums?!?!


Work's boring me to death with the oh-so-sad cycle of nothingtodo-busybusybusy. What's worse is that even though I have nothing to do, I can't do my Rotaract of HSEC work, since I need my thumbdrive to transfer my Rotaract Club's softcopy of accounts I'm trying to complete by end of the month before our AGM, and I need legal-ish advice for my HSEC project, as well as to run around getting permissions, booking space and so on.

My internet connection is also bitching on me now, just when I really need it to run smoothly so that I can have my e-meetings and also e-bitching, e-gossip and e-emo. When your business partners/ girlfriends/ workmates/ club members/ best friends are all so far away from you, MSN is the way to go, but not when your internet connection's feeling bitchy. Sigh.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BBQ at Alvin's

Can you believe it? I actually kinda almost 100% forgot that I brought my camera, so throughout the night, every single weird, funny, disgusting thing that happened went unrecorded.



In the car. We were kinda laughing/panicking because the light just turned green. Hehehe.


Group shot! Adrian there for posing only one. He had to work, so he came just when we were about to clean up.


That's it. The remaining photos are just duplicates. So there. Three shots, for a whole night.

Had a great time with them though, from getting slightly lost to bitching about the guard and ex-boyfriends to snuggling with Maya (She is so much like a furry baby I tell you. Carry her nicely and she just melts in your arms, not in your mouth. Hahaha. Unless you start nom-ing her.

Ok I'm not making sense. Nvm. I like that. 75% of my posts don't make sense wat right? Right. Left? Hahahahahaha.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kent Reinvented Party

Attended the Kent Reinvented party on Sat at the Mines Convention Centre and now I regret not making my round of the place. Bumped into a bunch of DJians and some old tuition/college friends, and turns out there were even more I didn't catch! Sigh. The greatness of FB. You can keep in touch, without keeping in touch. Hehe.

(Divert abit. Saw Sarveen and Isa a few tables away and caught up with news of the gang. Sigh. So many people overseas now. Oh, and got told a veryyyy funny story about their trip to an island. Too bad I can't repeat it here la)

The following photos are in no order, and some were stolen from Hakim's cam.

Hakim and Tnee. Thanks you two for the fab night!

One big ciggie pack.

Thanks to Hakim, no thanks to all three gutless girls.

Sarah, Fu Jia, myself, Prema, Sanjeev. Do ignore all the bottles and glasses. =D

Me, goldfish, Sanj, Prema.

Tukar cameraman.

Prema, me, Kevin, Alvin?

I wonder whether I can fit one of these in my new room, since Daddy just laughed when I suggested the ceiling to floor chandelier.

Kent Reinvented, with DJ Bryan Burger.

Crowd shot. Hakim got us a table right in front, so we didn't have to cram with the rest.



Guess who's table was right beside mine? Grins.

DJ Misbehaven roxxors! (Sorry la Bryan, but I prefer her sets la) Hahaha it was during one of her sets when she signaled to the crowd to start clapping, but no one but me and Sanj realised (I guess) so the cameraman zoomed in onto the both of us and our faces were plastered onto the big screen for who knows how long man. Shy-ness, but at least it got the crowd to pay a little more attention to the DJs spinning la.

Had a great night (with exception to one point where someone grabbed my ass. Asshole (pun intended haha I'm so punny-ly punderful) could have chosen from 27309147024 sexier asses but nooo he had to piss me off), even though the only person I knew before then was Sanj. =D That's Toh Fly Fly for you.

Note to self: It's hard before beer, not beer before hard.

Hehehe. See, Tuborg loves me so much they put the definition of Toh Fly Fly on their bottles. =D