Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 hours at work

Actually, if you include my lunch break and waiting time, I was at work for 11.5 hours.
Add on travelling time, and it's 13.5 hours. That's more than half a day dedicated solely to my internship program!

As my MSN tag now states, have you ever met a more dedicated and hardworking intern? I think not. /me toots own horn aka mengangkat bakul sendiri.

For only the second time my entire time there did I leave work after my bosses. The first was last week or so, when they all left early because of the Hungry Ghost Festival thingy.

Now I'm back home with a belly full of food smelling of soap, but I'm still working.

Secretary-ing for my mom. FOC. Social work. Hah.

Something totally unrelated: Feel like printing my personal name card leh. I've already designed it and all, but am still contemplating whether to print it or not. I can use it for Rotaract, HSEC and networking, but is it worth it? Would I really only want my own use it? One part of me knows that I naik miang to want my own name card again, but another part of me loathes to part with the money. Bleh. Gonna decide after getting a quotation, and definitely only after getting my pay.

Oh! I still have not banked in my first pay check!


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