Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad Timing

I feel like shouting, really loudly, one of my colleague's favourite swear word. It contains the name of a certain bank's children's mascot, and the malay word for mother.

ADP is starting their semester next week, so I wouldn't be able to take any elective subjects from that department as I would still be interning for the remainder of the month. That leaves me with little, and the only two subjects offered this semester is from the Business Department. However, their semester only starts in October, so I have to wait until then to get their timetable and see whether the classes clash with my core subjects. The cacat part is, my semester starts in September, so I run a very big risk of having my elective classes clash with my core classes, or to have 2 hour classes each day, for every weekday.

To make things worse, my right wisdom tooth on my bottom jaw's popping out, so I need to make time to visit the dentist's. Weekdays are out since I'll be at work, and the surgeon doesn't work on Sundays, so Saturdays are all I have left. Last Saturday my dad wasn't free to send me there and pay for the bill and this Saturday I'm supposed to go for a buffet steamboat dinner! How am I supposed to eat all I can with a swollen cheek and possibly a stitched up hole in my gums?!?!


Work's boring me to death with the oh-so-sad cycle of nothingtodo-busybusybusy. What's worse is that even though I have nothing to do, I can't do my Rotaract of HSEC work, since I need my thumbdrive to transfer my Rotaract Club's softcopy of accounts I'm trying to complete by end of the month before our AGM, and I need legal-ish advice for my HSEC project, as well as to run around getting permissions, booking space and so on.

My internet connection is also bitching on me now, just when I really need it to run smoothly so that I can have my e-meetings and also e-bitching, e-gossip and e-emo. When your business partners/ girlfriends/ workmates/ club members/ best friends are all so far away from you, MSN is the way to go, but not when your internet connection's feeling bitchy. Sigh.


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