Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BBQ at Alvin's

Can you believe it? I actually kinda almost 100% forgot that I brought my camera, so throughout the night, every single weird, funny, disgusting thing that happened went unrecorded.



In the car. We were kinda laughing/panicking because the light just turned green. Hehehe.


Group shot! Adrian there for posing only one. He had to work, so he came just when we were about to clean up.


That's it. The remaining photos are just duplicates. So there. Three shots, for a whole night.

Had a great time with them though, from getting slightly lost to bitching about the guard and ex-boyfriends to snuggling with Maya (She is so much like a furry baby I tell you. Carry her nicely and she just melts in your arms, not in your mouth. Hahaha. Unless you start nom-ing her.

Ok I'm not making sense. Nvm. I like that. 75% of my posts don't make sense wat right? Right. Left? Hahahahahaha.


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