Friday, August 22, 2008

I've not had anything to do at work the entire day. Previously I did have slow times, where I did some work, chilled, worked, chill worked and chilled some more, but today takes the cake.

I've been chilling ever since I stepped into the office.

We're sorta kinda allowed to use the Internet while in the office, so all I've been doing is surfing the net, so instead of paying RM3 an hour in a CC, I get to use a "CC" for free, AND get paid.
RM600 (damn low intern rates) / 20 working days / 7.5 hours a day = RM4 an hour. Not bad eh.

Found a US site with great shoes in their bargain bin, and if you spend more than USD50, they will give free shipping within the US. Sigh, I wish I was staying there. They have shoues going for as low as 99 cents! The most expensive in their bargain bin was about USD17, but even their lower end stuff rocked.

Nak beli lahhhhhhh!


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