Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kent Reinvented Party

Attended the Kent Reinvented party on Sat at the Mines Convention Centre and now I regret not making my round of the place. Bumped into a bunch of DJians and some old tuition/college friends, and turns out there were even more I didn't catch! Sigh. The greatness of FB. You can keep in touch, without keeping in touch. Hehe.

(Divert abit. Saw Sarveen and Isa a few tables away and caught up with news of the gang. Sigh. So many people overseas now. Oh, and got told a veryyyy funny story about their trip to an island. Too bad I can't repeat it here la)

The following photos are in no order, and some were stolen from Hakim's cam.

Hakim and Tnee. Thanks you two for the fab night!

One big ciggie pack.

Thanks to Hakim, no thanks to all three gutless girls.

Sarah, Fu Jia, myself, Prema, Sanjeev. Do ignore all the bottles and glasses. =D

Me, goldfish, Sanj, Prema.

Tukar cameraman.

Prema, me, Kevin, Alvin?

I wonder whether I can fit one of these in my new room, since Daddy just laughed when I suggested the ceiling to floor chandelier.

Kent Reinvented, with DJ Bryan Burger.

Crowd shot. Hakim got us a table right in front, so we didn't have to cram with the rest.



Guess who's table was right beside mine? Grins.

DJ Misbehaven roxxors! (Sorry la Bryan, but I prefer her sets la) Hahaha it was during one of her sets when she signaled to the crowd to start clapping, but no one but me and Sanj realised (I guess) so the cameraman zoomed in onto the both of us and our faces were plastered onto the big screen for who knows how long man. Shy-ness, but at least it got the crowd to pay a little more attention to the DJs spinning la.

Had a great night (with exception to one point where someone grabbed my ass. Asshole (pun intended haha I'm so punny-ly punderful) could have chosen from 27309147024 sexier asses but nooo he had to piss me off), even though the only person I knew before then was Sanj. =D That's Toh Fly Fly for you.

Note to self: It's hard before beer, not beer before hard.

Hehehe. See, Tuborg loves me so much they put the definition of Toh Fly Fly on their bottles. =D


At 10 August, 2008 23:57 , Blogger Falcon said...

I looks so much of fun!!


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