Monday, August 04, 2008

Looking for work?

The company I'm interning with is looking for either temporary or permanent English-Chinese translators. I was told that the pay's quite good, and that you can work from home (though you'll need to drop by the office in Damansara every now and then to get instructions, etc). You will be subject to a "test" of sorts, just to make sure you don't spew rubbish la while translating.

Nuffnang's also looking for permanent staff to join the KL team as either a marketing assistant (very good grasp or both written and spoken English required) or a PHP programmer (you'll need to know PHP (like DUH), MySQL and Javascript). Having and maintaining a blog is a plus point. =D

One of my Rotary bosses is also looking for part-timers. Not sure what jobs are available there, but a job's a job right?

If you're interested, do leave a comment (here and not in the tagbox) and check back for replies, or email me with the subject "I want gaji buta" (hehehe to distinguish your email from spam mar) to electronicdotfly (at) yahoo (period) com.

Malaysians who are willing to work around KL/PJ only plskthxbai.


At 05 August, 2008 09:34 , Blogger Ron Jerem Lee said...

im looking for Job, not not work :P technically u dont paid by doing works until someone considering it as a job.

pls keep me in the loop. i do live intrepretation for seminars & forums as well as paper translation. skype: aeroplane1234


At 09 August, 2008 08:05 , Blogger electronicfly said...

Ron: Could I have your email please, for I don't use skype. Email me at

electronicdotfly (at) yahoo (period) com


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