Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nuffnang Sharing Session #1

I arrived at Italiannies 15 minutes after the appointed time, but luckily they've not started dinner yet, as they were waiting for me our special guests. Yay! More food for me! ;D But kena marah sikit by Robb and Tim. :( Hahahah perempuan memang mudah kecil hati tau. Oh, and saw Doraemon leaving after his rock climbing, tapi wasn't sure and was late d, so didn't call out.

So shy la that night at first, since I only recognised some of the Nuffnangers but by the end of the dinner, bloggers are bloggers la. All fren fren d one. Food was good, as usual, made better since I didn't have to fork out anything but abit of time. =D Add in a healthy serving of good company, camwhoring and gossiping, syoik la.

(Photos are in no chronological order. I got it mixed up while uploading. Bleh)

The above photo is courtesy of Joshua. I didn't bother photographing the food. Whack only la.

Photos are more important than dessert. That's MY bloggers for you.

Joshua. No, I wasn't sitting on his lap.

Few minutes after I took my seat the dinner started with a sicilian chicken salad and spinach artichoke formaggio. Salad was normal mildly carnivorous rabbit food, but the formaggio...wahhhh. Slurp. A little messy to eat because the spinach wasn't cut to managable lengths, but well worth it. Hey, that's what the napkin is for right?

Next, Cindy arrived! I was so sad at first I tell you, such a hot babe sitting right opposite me. What la, self confidence gone la liddat! But she's so nice and bubbly, couldn't help but like her lo.
After talking abit, the waiter brought in Chicken Italiannies. That night was the third time I tried it, and still don't like it la. I think it's probably because of the chilli, and this fly does not take chilli. I'm still Malaysian k..a weird one only la. The classic pizza and carbonara came later and I agree with Kel that beef goes better with carbonara than chicken (though I think oink oink bits would be even better).

Q&A session with Ringo and Cindy.

Kelz! If you're 18 and below, don't bother asking for her number. Story below.

Robb, Yee Hou, Fly. Hahaha can make sentence leh. "After Robbing Yee Hou you must fly to escape" Hahahahahahaha sorry la bored at work. (Yes, I'm at work now. Waiting for someone to teach me something before I can start work)

Things I found out that night:
Yee Hou is evil, and likes to translate things to Cantonese. Oh, and he's a camwhore master.

Pinky gets the "Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain" joke every time she meets someone new.

Sara, Devan's friend I first met during the Pajama Party is the editor for a magazine.

24th August is CopyKate's birthday. See see got video.

Ringo and Cindy didn't get to keep any of the clothes they modeled in.

Royal Shortness is a GUY! Finally, someone who understands my pain everytime someone goes "Eh, electronicfly's a GIRL?!?!"

Royal Shortness and Electronic Fly. See see he boy, I girl!

The "RnB" in rnboflife doesn't stand for rhythm and blues, but rants and bitching. Rofl! Apa la you Sharlyn. But having to skip Nuffnang events coz of work does give you more reasons to rant and bitch. =D

Kelz "doesn't believe in modern technology" oh wait ah let me answer my cell first. ROFLMAO!

Ididn'tgethisname, Boss Stewie, Fly, Pinky!

Gossip Session! Hahaha no la, they were looking at pictures.

Count the cameras! Cameraphones count!

Listening to stories and advice. Or at least Pinky was listening to the advice la.

All in all, it was great night. At least this time it was easier to mingle and make new friends. Yay Nuffnang!

Oh, tambahan pula, I finally got to eat my durians. Syoikkkk betul, until the bellyache that came after that couldn't make me regret pigging out on it. Why la must gluttony be one of the 7 deadly sins. Sigh. Takpe la. We will still die right? May as well die project happiii (hehe inside joke).

edit: Sorry boss! Salah spelling pulak. Ish ish ish. Maaf!


At 27 August, 2008 15:20 , Blogger David Cheong said...

Waaa so fast post already lol

At 27 August, 2008 23:27 , Blogger pinky said...

hi hi! nice to meet you that day.. hehe I will try to listen to the advices :P

At 31 August, 2008 15:04 , Blogger Dr. Tan said...

Tsk tsk, spell name also wrong already.

*sends email to Pinky, asking her to take note of the din zee wu yeng blog*


At 31 August, 2008 19:32 , Blogger electronicfly said...

sorry boss!!!! edit edit d..



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