Sunday, August 17, 2008

RAC Gombak's Installation

Was at Coca Restaurant in Subang on Saturday and coincidentally it was one of their members' birthday. Happy birthday Calvin Khoo!

Camera died, so I only got a few shots here and there, and hardly any of myself. *pouts*

Yes, I know I'm vain. =D Too bad la.

Gombak did something like my instal's dare thingy, but they fused it with Deal or No Deal. Hard to explain exactly what it is though, so I won't bother.

5 smexy poses on a chair.

10 balls in one mouth.

They also had a member retiring, and she too was like Joanne. Not a single tear shed. What la Jamie, all that preparation weh.

See. Can be Johnson's spokeperson. No-more-tears.

Went over to Wong Kok at SS2... (Ying, Sanj, Chris, James, Calvin, Kevit, Rtn, Jacq, Joanne. Spot me! Ya I was holding the camera la wtffffff. Takde gambar cantikku dalam post ini. Mana boleh?!?!)

... so we could get the Big Tea for birthday boy. Yes, he drank the whole thing, or almost la, when I left. What to do, old edi. Hard to tahan for more than 12 hours without sleep. It's now 17.5, and counting.

update: Slept at 2am, so that's 19 hours without sleep. Sei lor, what happened to my endurance?!?!

second update: FINALLY got the vid uploaded.


At 17 August, 2008 16:14 , Blogger wen said...

oO new way to comment

hm hm how much was the big tea? darn biigggg

i wanntttt

At 17 August, 2008 18:16 , Blogger electronicfly said...

hhahahah it's free on your birthday, if your table spend at least rm30.


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