Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sleepy update

Finished my first and second project, still waiting for fresh data to come in from my third project, started the QC-ish area of a fourth project.

Helping HR find staff, "stealing" Milo and coffee from the Qual/Quan/HR side to our Operations/IS side. Hungry people can finish a whole bag if instant Milo in two days. No water needed, just tear, pour, swallow.

Workplace was kind of ... sad? yesterday. There was some laughing involved, but most of everyone were stressed out with work. Boss seemed happier that the first project's over. Finally he can do his magic on the data.

Good night. I still have 100 questionnaires to go through tomorrow, and who knows how many more from another project's coming back to me.


One good news though. Lunching with 2B pencil on Fri (prolly) since he's working in the area. Why come home for hols but end up working, I don't know.

I hope I have the time and energy for duck date, round two, lala-land and the rest.


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