Saturday, August 02, 2008

SMK Taman SEA's Interact Installation

So pai seh man. I wasn't informed that the dresscode was formal, so I assumed it was casual, since it's in-school, and Interact only ma.

Mana tau it was formal, and for TSers only, so no other high schools so EVERYONE was in their uniform. James and Sanjeev knew about the dresscode, so I was the only one in jeans for the entire 3 hours. Somore was herded to sit in the VIP area right in front becouse I am a Rotaractor, and had to makan makan with the teachers and all somore after that.

While in my t-shirt and jeans.

And everyone was in their batik or coats.

(Good thing I'm quite thick-skinned. Heh)

And a Ms Teh, one of the teacher advisors, served me somore during the tea break.


Totally unrelated note: I'm not going for MAA 2008. *insert inverted smiley here* Luckily there's Alvin's bbq to keep my mind of it.

Hah ya right probably end up hogging his pc, refreshing blogs and streaming video while someone brings me roasted chicken wings with honey and satay.


At 05 August, 2008 02:04 , Blogger Sanjeev said...

assumptions are roots to failures! :)
hehe....quite funny to see u so...dressed-down! :P
who else in batik....
act quite paiseh being treated like VIP, definitely dun deserve it! :(


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