Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Truly blessed

I consider myself luckier than alot of people.

I was doing some reflecting during one of my sleepless nights, and I came to realise that throughout my life I almost always have someone to take care of me and back me up if I messed up.

My family bicker alot, but below that layer of grit is a diamond. We're an indestructable force when it comes to things that really matter.

In highschool, I had not just one, but a few groups of friends who were always there for each other. Too many tasks, not enough time? No idea how to do it? Plain boring to do it alone? All I had to do was open my mouth, and there they are, right beside me.

In college I had my few close friends for emotional and educational needs, and even though we were supposed to be "grown ups" my lecturers were all very kind and understanding when I F'ed things up.

Even in Rotaract I have my tai kar jies and tai lous to look after me, making sure I wasn't bullied, and that I could cope with Rotaract and my other responsibilities, and also to guide me through all processes and protocols. They tought me oh so many things. I really thank them alot, for without their guidance I wouldn't have been prepared for Uni or work life. Muchas gracias to all Rotarians too for all the insight and lessons imparted to me. Oh, and also for not getting angry when I made mistakes with protocol, or when I forget your name. =P

In HELP I again have great friends. Even though I've known all of you for less than a year I feel that we've known each other since forever. Imagine being invited for a friend's brother's wedding, when we've only known each other for 5 months. That's how well we click with each other.

My workmates are also always around whenever I need a question answered or to kill time. Even in the first week I already felt like part of the team, rather than just some intern who'll leave in less than two months.


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