Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wayyyyyy Old Event

Edmund's 20th.

Hahahaha. I procrastinated on perpose. To be like him ma. Tell joke, laugh, and wait 5 minutes, then only he will laugh.


He just uploaded the photos, so nah. I'm not going to put photos of the others, since I don't know them, and there are more with Evie, so too bad la, 5 only.

My table + Birthday Boi. We were so secluded I tell you. Everyone else were on one side of the partition, we were on another. Tsk. Kar jie and besties konon.

Small world right! Who knew Mundy knew Phyllis too.

Siblings. See the resemblance? Sigh. Last time better, now so terbalik d. Sigh.


Hehehe. Paying the male stripper we hired. =D


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