Thursday, August 21, 2008


Most new friends who come across my blog would ask "Eh, what's wood earth cheap flight?", so today I shall explain how WECP and electronicfly came about. (chewah like everyone in the world is interested liddat, but let me syoik sendiri abit la har. :P)

Wood Earth Cheap Flight would be a very direct translation my my name, as there are the characters for wood and earth in my surname (du), while my Ee's actually part of the word cheap, and my Fei's literally Fly. Not the new meaningless character for fly mind you, but the traditional one, which can be broken up to mean flying high (or so I was told. /me banana)

Electronicfly was the product of my sister's random thoughts.
Ee Fei = E-Fei = electronic Fei = Electronicfly.
I get it when people think that I'm some tech freak, but just because I understand why doesn't mean I like it. No, I'm not a techhead (I'm sadly quite noobish and way far from leet) and I'm not a guy.

Let me bring your attention to that last bit.

I am NOT a guy.

I've gotten the "eh I thought you were a guy" comment so often when meeting fellow bloggers/readers that it is no longer funny. It's just tiring, having to put on my "Oh isit? Oh hahaha" face.

edit: hahahaha I was typing this out at work and a colleague read the first two paragraphs. When I looked at his face he had his o.O face. Nyahahahaha.


At 21 August, 2008 20:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wor, i never know this! i thought u just came out this blog name coincidently =____________=|||


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