Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thinking --> More fats!

ZOMB no wonder I'm fat la. I think too much. See here!

On an average day:

Think whether to stay in bed for another 10 minutes.
Think of what to wear.
Think of what shoes to wear.
Think whether to wait for the bus or take a cab.
Think of where to sit.
Think of the answers to the "pop" quiz (Not quite a pop quiz when you have one every class).
Think of whatever's being taught in class at that moment.
Think of where to eat.
Think of what to eat.

And that's only half a day.

Without assignment deadlines.

Without exams.


/me runs of for dinner and a movie with Nuffnangers.

Nuffnang Screening - House Bunny: The Pre-Movie Dinner

(Yes I stole the idea from Joshua. My brains not as geng as his ler, what to do)

Nak ker tak nak?

Since the ticket counter will only be set up from 9PM onwards, we'll have a whole load of time to sit around and bergossip and berexchange info.

Also, since it'll be the last day of the puasa month, let's berbuka puasa there!

Venue: Kopi Oh! @ Lot LG-17 (II), Lower Ground Cineleisure Damansara*
Time: Say about 7pm?*

I think by the time we settle down and get a place to sit it'll be waktu Mahgrib (7:07PM) d, so can eat la.

*Eh. Venue and Time might be changed when the day comes closer, depending on the preference of those going, so keep an eye on this post la har. Set la har. See you there.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Drag me away, swearing and cussing.

I don't know about you guys, but there are times I just feel like shouting out loud every single swear word I know and make even the most experienced, thick skinned, rude sea faring pirate blush.

Usually I will also feel like punching, slapping, scratching and kicking someone. Not some animal or inanimate object mind you. It has to be some human being.

If it's some inanimate object that I feel like venting my wrath to, I will want to destroy it.

No joke.

Thankfully (for everyone else at least) I usually release my tension some other way before my stress level actually gets that high, which is why if you're a good friend of mine, you'll be on the listening end of all my complaints and bitching when it's exam season or deadlines for any of my projects or events are looming.

If you're lucky you would be the one I drag out for some R&R after that =D

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let the sun tattoo you

For the past few years I've been contemplating getting a tattoo, either on my lower back or between my shoulder blades (the typical areas la). Lower back good for hiding from everyone, but then how to show la when I want to show? Shoulder blades oso ok, and better for my design, but 100% my mom will go O.O then $!@$#@^@#$@!%! My dad also probably.

The design I've thought of was the chinese character of my "Toh" (Du/woodearth) or "Fei" (fly) in a cloud, chinese style with all the curls and all that, with either feathery wings or two smaller cloud clumps at the side.

The thing is, it'll have to be huge, and painful, and expensive, and permanent.

I think I've found an answer to my problems though. Painless, cheap (if I DIY) and most definitely not permanent. Long lasting yes, permanent no. At least then I can just go "iyo it will come out one la...........in a year or so" hehehehe.

How sweet is that? Now to get myself a cheap bathrobe, some netting and a bottle of tanning oil.

With the intense sunlight at my new place, I don't even have to wait to go the the beach. I can just go to my backyard. xD

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A HELP Student was murdered on Sunday.

On Monday morning, my department head came into my lecture hall, and made a sad announcement. A fellow HELP student was stabbed when he was on his way back from prayers at the mosque near Wangsa Maju.

Why was the life of a 22 year old student taken away?

Because some 20 plus locals thought that they could go around stabbing Africans, just because "they don't like Africans".

Like, wtf? Grow up and start using your brain for thinking would you? If you want to be all racist, go live on a deserted island. You'll surely not see anyone of another race then.

To put salt to the wound, Abdel Aziz could have been saved, had he not bled to death because no taxi would take him to the hospital. By the time the ambulance came, he had already lost too much blood. He died in the ambulance.

I understand that most taxi drivers were probably worried they would end up having a dead body in their cab and so did not want to send him to the hospital. I just hope that the next time a similar situation occurs they remember that that person's life is in their hands. If you're pantang (loosely translated to superstitious) about someone dying in your car, then remember that if the person dies, it's partly your fault too.

Four suspects, including the son of a high-ranking army officer have been nabbed. I hope if they are guilty, they won't be let off with just a slap on the wrist.

Abdel Aziz Hassan Abdrahman left behind his 19 year-old wife and 8 month daughter less than two weeks before Hari Raya.

Imagine the years of a happy family lost to grief and never knowing how your father was like, all to a group of idiots.

To Abdel Aziz's family and friends, I'm sorry there are such Malaysians in this world.

My deepest condolences.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nuffnang Screening - Mama Mia

Watching Mama Mia: The Movie with a bunch of Nuffnangers was so fun!

It was a night full of firsts:

First time going to SS2's pasar malam and not buy food.
First time using the free seating method for a movie.
First time karaok-ing during a movie.
First time I brought my camera out for a Nuffnang event, and NOT use it.
First time I still had junk food left in my bag after the movie.

And to top it all off,

First time I heard Pierce Brosnan sing... with an accent! In all three songs!

Favourite quote for that night: "Aiyah I keep on flashing my duck's ass la."

update: Here's what I meant.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kroko the Mentally Unstable Crocodile

Quite a few months ago I played a game called The Asylum: Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys on JayIsGames, my favourite online gaming site. Some time after that, there was a giveaway, and guess who won Kroko? Heehee.

The package finally reached me, after so many months of waiting. It travelled farther than I have, coming all the way from the state of the big apple, New York.

There was even condensation in the plastic, so much until half the box was soggy, and the envelope the thank you card was in turned to a folded piece of paper (the glued seams came undone).

IRL, your psychologist/psychiatrist will keep your sessions P&C, so no worries there.

The first thing that I saw when I opened the box was a JIG shirt which is, once again, wayyy to big for me. Oh well, all the better to sleep with Jay. xD

Suddenly, Kroko popped out!

Hehe. His usual position in the game, hiding behind his security pillow.

Going through his first session with me. Art therapy! :P

Whole body shot. Yea, he's quite a big boy. Utterly cuddlesome too!

Gonna go get ready for Mama Mia! now.
/me loves free movies.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twitter Followers

I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon 83 days ago.

133 updates later, I have 16 people following it, 9 of which are total strangers at first, who after a short time, became not so total strangers.

On one hand, I feel a little weirded out that random strangers find my updates interesting enough to follow, and bother to even reply. On the other, I love it that some sort of friendship can be so easily formed.

So why is it that friendships made from a more solid background, for a longer period of time, can so easily disintegrate into mere acquaintanceship?

First we got as close as conjoined twins, but a few years down the road, when our paths started to differ even just slightly, we grew apart as how the branch of a tree reaches to sunlight, and the roots remain as grounded as ever.

Every time we pass each other and make smalltalk, I can't help but miss the times we do more than that. For a time where secrets were shared, jokes were made and gossip ruled.

I miss you Hippo. I hope you do to.


Saturday, September 20, 2008


To watch Mama Mia: The Movie.

Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you?
Mamma mia, does it show again?
My my, just how much I've missed you~

Miss free movies la. You think I wanna scare off my readers with another ultraman emo post kar?

Yes, I got two tickets for the premiere of Mama Mia! courtesy of Nuffnang (ho ho ho money and freebies yumsssss) on Monday and I will be going. With whom, I have yet to decide.

Oh and know what I just realised? Amanda Seyfried who played the idiotic Karen from Mean Girls (go Google it if you've no idea what I'm talking about) is in it too. I don't think I can remove my perception of her character's bimbo-ness from the actress herself la. I think every time she says something smart, or even just of normal brain activity level, I will gasp from shock.

Hahahahahahaha so bad I know but what to do.

Nuffnangers, catch you at the movie!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Broke Broker Brokest

RM50 - RM37.40 (transport costs for 11 days that I 100% have to go for).

That leaves me with RM12.60 for everything else, for the rest of the month.


Lunch costs have not been deducted yet, and what about times where the bus comes way too late and I have to take a cab? That's an extra RM2.50 on way you know!

I've been trying to save, but iyor so hard. Eg, today. I had no class today, but had a prom committee meeting at 10-12pm, so I had to get my ass over to uni again.

Left by 9am, so as usual I skipped breakfast (at that point in time, sleep's more important).

Guess what time I reached home.


That's about 18 hours without food k. I have no idea how you guys can tahan puasa-ing. No water somore. I think if I couldn't have water for even 6 hours I would be half dead d.

Anyone wants to treat ee fly fly here for lunch? ;D

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abandoning ship car.

Drive out: Nothing

During lunch: Nothing

Movie time: Nothing

Night out: Nothing

Drive back: Nothing

That was one week ago. I'm now numb.

The silence was to my heart like Novocain during a root canal.

September is the month of many endings. Work, lunch gossip sessions, frustration, random chats online, you.

But September is also the month of many beginnings. Studies, friends, papers, healing.

edit: Iyo I just updated my calander and dieeeee October is so packed with events! Sigh how do event planners do their work so flawlessly?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drip Drip Drip

That's the sound that kept me awake the past few nights.

Sigh. Cacat air conditioner. Now I have to carefully place a bottle with a rag in it right under where it drips so that the floor and cupboard won't rot and I can sleep in peace.

Monday was fun! I finally learnt how to get to Berjaya Times Square LaLaLand using public transport. All you need to do is get to KL Sentral either by train or bus, take the monorail to Imbi and poof! you're magically (well, science is a form of magic) transported to LaLaLand.

If I ever go back there I'm skipping everywhere (including Sg Wang) but Level 3. Both Szen and I didn't get the "feel" from anywhere else but geng Level 3. xD

We ate at a place called Uncle Duck, and for RM7.50 each, we had good duck rice together with Ribena. Ahhh, nothing like a cold, sweet glass of Ribena to make me feel like a kid again. The duck meat was delicious; they managed to get the skin very crispy without drying out the meat. Pair it off with their herb infused sauce and Mmmmmmmmmm.

Shopping there was fun since we both were cracking jokes at others' expense the whole time, but what sucked was that most places won't let you try on the clothes. That really sucks for someone as unperportioned as me. Found a bunch of really adorable t-shirts, but since I can't wear them for being too fat I'm selling them off. Sigh. No meat ball or sotong ball or even cacat robot for me.

I did get my cropped cardigan though, and might probably go back for another one in another colour. That brown + black and white is sorta kinda... wierd. Szen finally got her braided halter (and blamed me for it -.-") and ohhh myyyy Buddhaaaaaaa. I found a fedora there that fits better than the one I just bought, though it's not as nice looking la.

Anyone with a smaller head looking to buy a fedora? RM35 only.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Our lecturer actually wanted us to camwhore for our group project. How cool is that?

Ok la fine la he just wanted a group picture. But that's as good as saying camwhoreeeeeee what right? Especially since it came from a lecturer who told us he spent an hour trying to catch his rabbit with his wife, after his wife spent an hour trying to catch his rabbit. And yes, there's a photo of his rabbit on the wiki site we all use.

Serious poses, for the group assignment.

And then we thought, what the heck, he's kinda the chilling time, so we casualified it to this:

Recognise it? Hehe. Did the same thing during Jue's CNY party.

Next, for our own use (or so they think la. I feel like uploading the next one up instead. Bwahaha)

Tsk. Everyone lacks creativity but mehhhh. =P

No one told me to do the emo/sad/someone died expression when I came back from setting up the camera, so the pic became Goldfish died, and everyone mourned. Yes, that's a fly doing an impression of a land goldfish.

Last pic of the day. They were all realllly quiet while I was setting the camera again, so I knew they were gonna do something to me, hence the prepared pout. =D Aren't I a clever girl. =D

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I have not felt that in such a long time.

Thank you for finally opening up.

Thank you for realising that even superheroes needs support.

I'll always be your sidekick.

I might not be your little girl anymore, but I'll always be your baby.


I made pancakes! From scratch weh! A very big accomplishment, since I hardly ever cook anything more troublesome than instant noodles (even then I use the microwave rather than the stove. Teehee).

I Googled the recipe, and just took the first one. BLEHHHHH. Not nice at all. Not my fault, all the recipe's fault. You can leave out the salt they say. Ya right. It turned out so bland I had to add kaya on the plain ones (no maple syrup in the house).

See. Perfection cooking weh. Almost perfect round, evenly browned, and most importantly, edible!

Luckily I made my cheese pancakes. Yummmm. The cheese part la, not the pancakey part.

Ahhhh. So full now.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Political situation in Malaysia.

I hatez itz.

Talked about it with my dad, although I won't repeat most of what either of us think. I don't want to be arrested Section 73(1) of the ISA for allegedly being a threat to security, peace and public order, or any other section or any other act for the matter. All I'm gonna do is repeat what StarOnline as already wrote, and add in a little of what I think.

Raja Petra Kamarudin was arrested under the Internal Security Act for allegedly being a threat to security, peace and public order. Raja Petra, 58, who was arrested under Section 73(1) of the ISA, is alleged to have posted articles deemed seditious and that also belittle Islam.

Last week, the Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) and several Muslim organisations lodged a police report against him for allegedly insulting Malays, Muslims and Islam.

Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng is believed to have been arrested over her report on former Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail’s racist remarks while campaigning for the Permatang Pauh by-election last month.

DAP’s Seputeh MP Teresa Kok is also assemblyman for Kinrara and a senior executive councillor in charge of investment, industry and trade. Kok, 43, is believed to have been picked up in connection with a residents petition in Puchong over a mosque.

Former mentri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo had allegedly accused Kok of being involved. She subsequently denied the allegation and demanded an apology from Dr Mohd Khir and the newspaper which reported it.


Doesn't that seem familiar to you? The most recent being the "pendatang asing" comment. The difference is that he was suspended from UMNO for three years while RPK, along with Teresa Kok and also Tan Hoon Cheng have been arrested. If the verdict goes against the defendants, and if Malaysia stays as it is in the next 15 years, my decision to emmigrate overseas for work will be more solid than ever.

I am not such a staunch supporter for RPK, because it was his personal choice to write and publish his work that got him into trouble. However, Tan Hoon Cheng was merely doing her job as a reporter.

“As a reporter, Tan was only carrying out duties assigned to her. Her story had gone through the due editorial process before it was printed,” he said (He being MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn). *click*
Tan Hoon Cheng was assigned the job of covering the "pendatang asing" issue, so she did her work, handed in her piece to her editors, and her editors deemed it acceptable for print. With all the freedom of press issues that came up recently, I think it's quite safe to assume that the news people would be careful in what they publish, don't you think so? And if all she did was report what happened, why should she be the one in trouble? And what about everyone else that published other reports on the same issue? Is Tan Hoon Cheng the scapegoat, or a warning of sorts to the press and public that we shouldn't make a fuss over the many wrong things our politicians say, the very people we elected to make decisions for the good of the country.

And what about Teresa Kok? I admit I might be a little biased in her case, for after Kenny Sia superimposed her face on a photo of me I felt like I had a little connection with her. She was arrested because a former MB accused her for being involved with a residents' petition over a mosque. For those in the dark, the petition issue was about the sounding of the azans (calls to prayer) through loudspeakers. From what I pieced together, the mosque in question had a faulty PA system, and because of wiring problems they couldn't fix it in time for a call to prayer.

Our dear former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo claimed that it was pressure from non-Muslims, together with a state exco-backed petition, that forced them to stop making the calls for prayer through the loudspeaker (data from MalaysiaKini)

Now don't you think all that noise was caused by a bigshot jumping to conclusions?

I really hate that all the current turmoil has something to do with racial or religious issues. Come on la. We are all MALAYSIANS. I have a good friend who's Malay, an ex-coworker who's a Bumi from Sabah, and my best friend's part Indian. That last sentence took me a while to write because I had to think who was what. You know why? It's because I don't think of them as Malay, Indian, Chinese or whatever. I think of them as Malaysians. MALAYSIANS.

What has changed in the recent years to cause so much tension between us? Or is there really that much tension between the people, for if you read through all the old news, you'll realise it's mostly the politicians doing their politics that end up stirring the big pot of racial issues. You don't see people randomly shouting insults to other races, do you?

Come on bigshots. Cut the crap. You may have the power to make decisions for us, but remember that it was us who gave you that power, and we can take it away as easily.

Political Bullcrap

12/09/2008:Today's headlines proclaimed out loud that the gov. won't ban blogs.

Yalah, they won't ban blogs. They will arrest you instead la.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin was arrested this afternoon at around 1pm under the Internal Security Act. Read the MalaysiaKini post on it here.

Update 13/09/2008: wth. I Teresa Kok got arrested also, reason unknown.

New house is old.

Renovations for more than a year, so once I move in, it's already more than a year old. Wth.

Loved my room when it was freshly painted, but once they touched up they added a drop of paint onto my lovely white ceiling. -.-" Oh, and a corner got chipped off as well, so now it's all blue blue blue patch of white blue blue blue. -.-""

See see can see anot? Ok la prolly cannot, but there is a small blue spot there.

But yay! there's extra paint, so right before I move my stuff in I'm gonna patch up that hole, and if I don't have white ceiling paint, I can always cover it with liquid paper right? Wahahahaha.

*beep* Random topic changer, CHANGE! *insertgenericcartoonsoundhere*

I'm having so much fun with the generic hama beads.

My beautiful person! Hahahaha. "Watermelon" to "wor ter mei ren" to "my beautiful person" lo.

Made a typical valentine shaped one too that I've fused, but it got broken quite a few times. Hehehe.

*Beep* Random topic changer strikes again! *insertgenericcartoonsoundhere*

Goodnight morning!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wrong Bus.

In order to highlight my mistake, ZOMB I TOOK THE WRONG BUS!!!1!!exclamation point!!

After my movie (The Next Boleyn Girl. Will give short review soon), I quickly went and met up with Elaine from MyClosetGiggles to collect my FedoraAdora and change, and since I had some time to spare before I had to wait for the bus home and go for my Rotaract meeting, I decided to book shop. Finally bought a new (it's new to me) book from PayLessBooks after so many months of rereading old material.

I regretted my action when I went to the bus stop. A lady told me that I missed the bus by a few minutes. Minutessssssssss la wehhhh.

Waited under the hot sun for the next bus for who knows how long. Seriously, the bus stop's shelter isn't wide enough in One Utama. There was only a thin strip of shade, and that was on the road. -.- When a bus to KJ Station finally came around, I wanted to get on but asked the driver first because it was a different bus than what I took to One Utama. He said no, he doesn't go to KJ station, but guess what. He is supposed to. Wthhhhhhh.

Waited around some more, and yay! My bus came! Or so I thought. I finally realised that I took the wrong bus when it went straight instead of turning right onto the highway. Grrrr! Thank goodness my luck turned then, for I bumped into a friend who stayed nearby, and after telling him what an idiot I was, he pitied stupid me. We got off the bus, walked to his house, and he drove me home. =D

Looks like my luck's finally changing.

oh, and I got my fedoraaaaaaaa!

Today is the day

I ran out of gas (metaphorically speaking of course) weeks ago.

Coasted until about a week ago.

Totally stationary since then.

It's a good thing. Then at least I can change cars. One with bucket seats for my comfort, air bags for my safety and a heater to keep me warm.

His car is going to get a jumpstart in a couple of hours. One final push. But if the engine doesn't turn I'm packing my bags and walking with my thumb out.

Hopefully I will see my Buggati Veyron drive by, stop, reverse and pop open the door.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Machinery don't like me today.

First the touch'n'go sensors make me whack them a few times with my card before letting me through, then Gmail still bounce out the emails Jo tries to send me (ever since end of March mind you), Facebook doesn't let me tag photos, Twitter takes its time processing my updates, MSN first keeps disconnecting me and now won't sign me on at all.


But I'll be collecting my fedora adora (haha I made a punny. Ok fine, so it's not a pun I don't careee) tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yay I've banked in my cheques! Now to wait three working days, then update my passbook. So sad, I did some rough calculation, and I think I have less than 2k left. Grarh!

Good news is that I found generic perler beads! The price is so-so, but the choice is not. They don't sell the replacement beads by the colour, but it's all mixed up instead and the pegboards kinda suck too. In order to fuse all the beads together on some of my designs, I think I have to fuse them in batches e.g. curves in one batch, then attach the straights in another.

Now if I can find cheap, good quality plain shirts and preferably an endless supply of freezer paper then I can start my customising business!


I wonder whether it's worth to invest more into it. International postage kills though. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Favourite food...

... during the Mid Autumn Festival Season.

"Piglet biscuit"! Hahaha. Correct what.. "G chai peang" wth I so don't know han yin pin yin.

Seeeeee so cute right?

Ignore the discarded eyes of it's twin that I already ate.


People eat mooncakes during this season, but I usually only eat this.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Kiasu-ism at HELP. Case study anyone?

There are currently 71 users and 8 guests online.

HAHAHAHA everyone also as kiasu as I am, waiting early to get the tute slot we want.

update: Oh my Buddha I was refreshing the wrong page. And now I think my slot's full. ARGH!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Drinks at D'Heaven@Bangsar

Was feeling blue since the week started, so when Alvin asked me out for drinks I straight away agreed. Aih, if you wanna stop emo-ing, it's better to have company. And if you wanna drown your sorrows (though mine probably just splashed around abit) it's better to have a designated driver. =D

Nak senyum pun susah.

Sigh. Was emo season leh.

As time passed, their antics cheered me up alot. Winning more than RM10 playing blackjack helped. Teehee.

Can almost smile nicely d. Stupid Alvin and his facial expressions la.

See. Our very own modern day Sun Wukong (Monkey God).

Sigh. The Corona promo was over, and I wasn't willing to fork out RM21 for a bottle, so stuck with Heineken.

Alvin so spoiled the photo.

Xing the ghost. I was messing around with the camera settings, and I found "ghost" mode! Hahaha. As if my camera so high tech la. But kinda cool hor? Don't care, you say lame I say cool lalalalalalalala.

You would think there was someone under the table from his expression, but I assure you, there was no one. JonBon stop smoking!

Male version of The Bimbo Thinking Pose.

I love quiet bars. Not only does it feel private and you get better service, but you can actually have proper conversations, rather than having to pass the phone around. The sad part is they usually charge more than the normal bar, but it is well worth it at times.

Like getting me to actually have fun, and laugh more. Now, that's well worth the price.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Things I want.

I want someone to put their hand across my shoulders, lean in close, and not say anything.

I want someone to sit back to back with, head resting on head, both ignoring everyone else, just basking in each other's company.

I want roadtrips to nowhere yet everywhere.

I want someone to get me something, just because he felt like getting me something. Or just because.

I want to get someone something, just because I feel like getting him something, Or just because.

I want someone who knows when I need alone time, and when I need people time.

I want someone who can get lost in the music of life and the art of surroundings.

I want someone who will let me scream and shout and lash out but know it's not him but me.

I want someone who perfectly understands my mask theory.

I want someone who can look at something we all see everyday, see what is special about it, and smile.

I want someone who knows what I mean whenever I say "You know, that thing la".

I want alot of things.

I made something

ala Postsecret.

No thoughts about sending it over.

None, nil, nada, zilch.

Definitely won't post it here. Won't be a secret if I did now, would it?

Have no idea why I did it.

Sigh, oh emo night.

Going for drinks with the new gang tomorrow.

Cat won't be there tonight. Or any other night, unless we change venues to somewhere two states away.

Bye bye Cat.

Friday, September 05, 2008

No more gas.

I don't know what to think anymore.

I've been following signs as misleading as Malaysian roadsigns.

My gas tank's running on Empty.

There's no pit stop nearby.

I'm getting tired. Too tired.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Workplace.

Sigh. I went over to collect my cheque earlier this afternoon when it hit me. I miss them already.

With my colleagues and bosses.


All the interns, minus Alvin.

The newlyweds. <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_tg6yAAdtjlA/SLeUG1tKSvI/AAAAAAAABY0/EMRSpC1jiVw/s1600-h/DSCN2292.JPG">
Our "boardroom", where stories and food rule.

Camwhoring during a slow period.

Our private cybercafe.

Following Fafa's pose. :P

Dinner-ing, while waiting for the taxis and buses to start taking passengers again and for the rain to stop.

Empty office.

The researchers were all out for training.

HELP interns in Research International.

Aadk? Meh the cow la.

Milo Fuze, our favourite snack. Yes, snack, not drink. Snack. Yum.