Friday, September 19, 2008

Broke Broker Brokest

RM50 - RM37.40 (transport costs for 11 days that I 100% have to go for).

That leaves me with RM12.60 for everything else, for the rest of the month.


Lunch costs have not been deducted yet, and what about times where the bus comes way too late and I have to take a cab? That's an extra RM2.50 on way you know!

I've been trying to save, but iyor so hard. Eg, today. I had no class today, but had a prom committee meeting at 10-12pm, so I had to get my ass over to uni again.

Left by 9am, so as usual I skipped breakfast (at that point in time, sleep's more important).

Guess what time I reached home.


That's about 18 hours without food k. I have no idea how you guys can tahan puasa-ing. No water somore. I think if I couldn't have water for even 6 hours I would be half dead d.

Anyone wants to treat ee fly fly here for lunch? ;D


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