Sunday, September 07, 2008

Drinks at D'Heaven@Bangsar

Was feeling blue since the week started, so when Alvin asked me out for drinks I straight away agreed. Aih, if you wanna stop emo-ing, it's better to have company. And if you wanna drown your sorrows (though mine probably just splashed around abit) it's better to have a designated driver. =D

Nak senyum pun susah.

Sigh. Was emo season leh.

As time passed, their antics cheered me up alot. Winning more than RM10 playing blackjack helped. Teehee.

Can almost smile nicely d. Stupid Alvin and his facial expressions la.

See. Our very own modern day Sun Wukong (Monkey God).

Sigh. The Corona promo was over, and I wasn't willing to fork out RM21 for a bottle, so stuck with Heineken.

Alvin so spoiled the photo.

Xing the ghost. I was messing around with the camera settings, and I found "ghost" mode! Hahaha. As if my camera so high tech la. But kinda cool hor? Don't care, you say lame I say cool lalalalalalalala.

You would think there was someone under the table from his expression, but I assure you, there was no one. JonBon stop smoking!

Male version of The Bimbo Thinking Pose.

I love quiet bars. Not only does it feel private and you get better service, but you can actually have proper conversations, rather than having to pass the phone around. The sad part is they usually charge more than the normal bar, but it is well worth it at times.

Like getting me to actually have fun, and laugh more. Now, that's well worth the price.


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