Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drip Drip Drip

That's the sound that kept me awake the past few nights.

Sigh. Cacat air conditioner. Now I have to carefully place a bottle with a rag in it right under where it drips so that the floor and cupboard won't rot and I can sleep in peace.

Monday was fun! I finally learnt how to get to Berjaya Times Square LaLaLand using public transport. All you need to do is get to KL Sentral either by train or bus, take the monorail to Imbi and poof! you're magically (well, science is a form of magic) transported to LaLaLand.

If I ever go back there I'm skipping everywhere (including Sg Wang) but Level 3. Both Szen and I didn't get the "feel" from anywhere else but geng Level 3. xD

We ate at a place called Uncle Duck, and for RM7.50 each, we had good duck rice together with Ribena. Ahhh, nothing like a cold, sweet glass of Ribena to make me feel like a kid again. The duck meat was delicious; they managed to get the skin very crispy without drying out the meat. Pair it off with their herb infused sauce and Mmmmmmmmmm.

Shopping there was fun since we both were cracking jokes at others' expense the whole time, but what sucked was that most places won't let you try on the clothes. That really sucks for someone as unperportioned as me. Found a bunch of really adorable t-shirts, but since I can't wear them for being too fat I'm selling them off. Sigh. No meat ball or sotong ball or even cacat robot for me.

I did get my cropped cardigan though, and might probably go back for another one in another colour. That brown + black and white is sorta kinda... wierd. Szen finally got her braided halter (and blamed me for it -.-") and ohhh myyyy Buddhaaaaaaa. I found a fedora there that fits better than the one I just bought, though it's not as nice looking la.

Anyone with a smaller head looking to buy a fedora? RM35 only.


At 23 September, 2008 14:09 , Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hahaha, like the way u describe berjaya times square. true enuf its the lalaland


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