Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yay I've banked in my cheques! Now to wait three working days, then update my passbook. So sad, I did some rough calculation, and I think I have less than 2k left. Grarh!

Good news is that I found generic perler beads! The price is so-so, but the choice is not. They don't sell the replacement beads by the colour, but it's all mixed up instead and the pegboards kinda suck too. In order to fuse all the beads together on some of my designs, I think I have to fuse them in batches e.g. curves in one batch, then attach the straights in another.

Now if I can find cheap, good quality plain shirts and preferably an endless supply of freezer paper then I can start my customising business!


I wonder whether it's worth to invest more into it. International postage kills though. Sigh.


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