Thursday, September 25, 2008

A HELP Student was murdered on Sunday.

On Monday morning, my department head came into my lecture hall, and made a sad announcement. A fellow HELP student was stabbed when he was on his way back from prayers at the mosque near Wangsa Maju.

Why was the life of a 22 year old student taken away?

Because some 20 plus locals thought that they could go around stabbing Africans, just because "they don't like Africans".

Like, wtf? Grow up and start using your brain for thinking would you? If you want to be all racist, go live on a deserted island. You'll surely not see anyone of another race then.

To put salt to the wound, Abdel Aziz could have been saved, had he not bled to death because no taxi would take him to the hospital. By the time the ambulance came, he had already lost too much blood. He died in the ambulance.

I understand that most taxi drivers were probably worried they would end up having a dead body in their cab and so did not want to send him to the hospital. I just hope that the next time a similar situation occurs they remember that that person's life is in their hands. If you're pantang (loosely translated to superstitious) about someone dying in your car, then remember that if the person dies, it's partly your fault too.

Four suspects, including the son of a high-ranking army officer have been nabbed. I hope if they are guilty, they won't be let off with just a slap on the wrist.

Abdel Aziz Hassan Abdrahman left behind his 19 year-old wife and 8 month daughter less than two weeks before Hari Raya.

Imagine the years of a happy family lost to grief and never knowing how your father was like, all to a group of idiots.

To Abdel Aziz's family and friends, I'm sorry there are such Malaysians in this world.

My deepest condolences.


At 26 September, 2008 14:27 , Blogger Calvin Soo KJ said...

my oh my....wud is happening to this world.

btw, 1st time here. got it from nuffnang. noted that you've recently been to my blog. thanks for visiting. cheers and god bless.

At 26 September, 2008 18:26 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg.. foreign students are being attacked everywhere. locals generally have a bad perception towards them.

not all are bad apples lah.. aih


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