Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let the sun tattoo you

For the past few years I've been contemplating getting a tattoo, either on my lower back or between my shoulder blades (the typical areas la). Lower back good for hiding from everyone, but then how to show la when I want to show? Shoulder blades oso ok, and better for my design, but 100% my mom will go O.O then $!@$#@^@#$@!%! My dad also probably.

The design I've thought of was the chinese character of my "Toh" (Du/woodearth) or "Fei" (fly) in a cloud, chinese style with all the curls and all that, with either feathery wings or two smaller cloud clumps at the side.

The thing is, it'll have to be huge, and painful, and expensive, and permanent.

I think I've found an answer to my problems though. Painless, cheap (if I DIY) and most definitely not permanent. Long lasting yes, permanent no. At least then I can just go "iyo it will come out one a year or so" hehehehe.

How sweet is that? Now to get myself a cheap bathrobe, some netting and a bottle of tanning oil.

With the intense sunlight at my new place, I don't even have to wait to go the the beach. I can just go to my backyard. xD


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