Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nuffnang Screening - Mama Mia

Watching Mama Mia: The Movie with a bunch of Nuffnangers was so fun!

It was a night full of firsts:

First time going to SS2's pasar malam and not buy food.
First time using the free seating method for a movie.
First time karaok-ing during a movie.
First time I brought my camera out for a Nuffnang event, and NOT use it.
First time I still had junk food left in my bag after the movie.

And to top it all off,

First time I heard Pierce Brosnan sing... with an accent! In all three songs!

Favourite quote for that night: "Aiyah I keep on flashing my duck's ass la."

update: Here's what I meant.


At 23 September, 2008 14:01 , Blogger danielctw said...

hahahah the duck's ass seems kinda familiar..



At 24 September, 2008 00:20 , Blogger blue_racoon said...

huh? why duck's ass??


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