Saturday, September 13, 2008

New house is old.

Renovations for more than a year, so once I move in, it's already more than a year old. Wth.

Loved my room when it was freshly painted, but once they touched up they added a drop of paint onto my lovely white ceiling. -.-" Oh, and a corner got chipped off as well, so now it's all blue blue blue patch of white blue blue blue. -.-""

See see can see anot? Ok la prolly cannot, but there is a small blue spot there.

But yay! there's extra paint, so right before I move my stuff in I'm gonna patch up that hole, and if I don't have white ceiling paint, I can always cover it with liquid paper right? Wahahahaha.

*beep* Random topic changer, CHANGE! *insertgenericcartoonsoundhere*

I'm having so much fun with the generic hama beads.

My beautiful person! Hahahaha. "Watermelon" to "wor ter mei ren" to "my beautiful person" lo.

Made a typical valentine shaped one too that I've fused, but it got broken quite a few times. Hehehe.

*Beep* Random topic changer strikes again! *insertgenericcartoonsoundhere*

Goodnight morning!


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