Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nuffnang Screening - House Bunny: The Pre-Movie Dinner

(Yes I stole the idea from Joshua. My brains not as geng as his ler, what to do)

Nak ker tak nak?

Since the ticket counter will only be set up from 9PM onwards, we'll have a whole load of time to sit around and bergossip and berexchange info.

Also, since it'll be the last day of the puasa month, let's berbuka puasa there!

Venue: Kopi Oh! @ Lot LG-17 (II), Lower Ground Cineleisure Damansara*
Time: Say about 7pm?*

I think by the time we settle down and get a place to sit it'll be waktu Mahgrib (7:07PM) d, so can eat la.

*Eh. Venue and Time might be changed when the day comes closer, depending on the preference of those going, so keep an eye on this post la har. Set la har. See you there.


At 28 September, 2008 18:54 , Blogger Nicholas Chay said...

there's this place called Ah Cheng laksa at the LG floor. their assam laksa and nasi lemak not bad!


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