Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Our lecturer actually wanted us to camwhore for our group project. How cool is that?

Ok la fine la he just wanted a group picture. But that's as good as saying camwhoreeeeeee what right? Especially since it came from a lecturer who told us he spent an hour trying to catch his rabbit with his wife, after his wife spent an hour trying to catch his rabbit. And yes, there's a photo of his rabbit on the wiki site we all use.

Serious poses, for the group assignment.

And then we thought, what the heck, he's kinda the chilling time, so we casualified it to this:

Recognise it? Hehe. Did the same thing during Jue's CNY party.

Next, for our own use (or so they think la. I feel like uploading the next one up instead. Bwahaha)

Tsk. Everyone lacks creativity but mehhhh. =P

No one told me to do the emo/sad/someone died expression when I came back from setting up the camera, so the pic became Goldfish died, and everyone mourned. Yes, that's a fly doing an impression of a land goldfish.

Last pic of the day. They were all realllly quiet while I was setting the camera again, so I knew they were gonna do something to me, hence the prepared pout. =D Aren't I a clever girl. =D


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